Melbourne ‘gangster’ shot in the dick!

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An alleged gangster has had part of his penis blown off in Melbourne after a balaclava-clad gunman fired numerous shots inside the car park of a Campbellfield shopping centre before escaping.

Omar Tiba, 27, from Coolaroo, is in a stable condition in the Royal Melbourne Hospital recovering from his wounds.

It has been reported that members of Mr Tiba’s family have been convicted of serious drug crimes and violent offences – including Bassam Tiba for the manslaughter of Richard Haddara.

Mr Tiba was shot at about 9.30pm on Tuesday, January 17 while he was in the car park of Campbellfield Plaza.

Victoria Police detectives are searching for up to four men, including the gunman, who it is believed made their getaway in a white or cream coloured car.

A shopping centre security guard who heard gun shots found Mr Tiba lying on the ground with at least three gunshot wounds to his leg and groin, a local television network reported.

“He heard some shooting, he ran down to see what it was, and he saw a man on the ground, bleeding,” the security guard’s colleague, Thomas Yoannis, said.

“I think it was his wife or his partner, holding him. She was holding his head and crying, and just asking for help.”

It’s the second time the Tiba family have been connected to a strange criminal occurrence in the space of two years.

In January 2015, a 32-year-old ice addict, Mustafa Zogheib, was jailed for more than four years for shooting at an innocent young neighbour and friend in a Jeep after being spooked out that the men were somehow connected to the Tiba family — who less than two weeks before the shooting paid Mr Zogheib a visit at his Hillside home, with at least one of them armed.

Anyone who may have information on who shot off Mr Tiba’s penis is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.



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