REVEALED – “I’ve just been partying too much”: Aussie loose unit after LSD & Viagra rampage in NZ

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A loose Aussie tourist has admitted he needs to “calm down a bit” after being convicted for causing a ruckus in a New Zealand resort town while high on LSD and Viagra.

Casey Lee Sticken spat on and banged on a window, urinated in public on two separate occasions, and also walked out on an Indian restaurant in Queenstown without paying.

Mr Sticken was arrested on Wednesday, January 25 after walking out of Boliwood restaurant. Police were reportedly already on their way to the scene after receiving reports of Mr Sticken’s unpredictable behaviour.

It was the second time local police had a run-in with Mr Sticken in the space of a few days, with the Perth local having been arrested just the week before on a public urination charge.

Casey Sticken being loose on a toilet seat

The 29-year-old was convicted in the Queenstown District Court on Friday, January 27 on three charges, including importing the prescription medicine Sildenafil without reasonable excuse on December 23 last year; and on January 25, consuming LSD and obtaining credit of $26 from Boliwood restaurant by deception.

Sildenafil is a popular erection medication better known by the brand name, Viagra. In court it was told that the rowdy Aussie backpacker “took a number of these while enjoying the Queenstown social life”.

Mr Sticken’s sentence was deferred for six months and he was ordered to pay $26 in reparation.

A fourth charge, of disorderly behaviour, was withdrawn against Mr Sticken.

“I’ve just been partying too much,” the troublesome Aussie visitor told the court.

The judge presiding over the case, Judge John Strettell, advised the tourist that he “stay out of trouble” before his impending return to Australia.

“It hasn’t been a great end to your time in New Zealand,” the judge told Mr Sticken.

Mr Sticken’s Facebook page suggests he is a fan of travelling and engaging in ‘loose’ activities, with one photo taken while sitting part-naked on a toilet.


A post dated January 20 shows him apparently walking on a building’s edge high above Queenstown, along with the comments: “Living on the edge haha loooooooooooose”.

Mr Sticken, who had been in NZ since December last year, is due back in Perth this weekend.

Photos: Facebook



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