Waco the police sniffer dog dies after being overworked in Aussie summer heat!

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A police sniffer dog has died while on duty in Queensland this week due to the effects of heat stress.

Waco the police sniffer dog has met an untimely and unexpected end, Queensland Police confirmed today (February 3).

Waco along with his handler were chasing an offender in Deception Bay who had fled on foot from a stolen car at about 1.30pm on February 2. The police dog was then said to have become unsteady on his feet and began displaying signs of heat stress.

Waco the police dog

Waco’s handler provided the dog with water before transporting him to a nearby vet.

“Despite attempts to lower his body temperature and replace his fluids, PD Waco sadly passed away just before 5am today,” a police spokesperson said in a statement.

“Waco’s handler, a senior constable, is very experienced and is devastated at the loss of his dog.”

The temperature in Deception Bay has soared to an average of 32°C this month.

The police force said it takes the health and wellbeing of all police dogs very seriously and see them as “valued members of the police family”.

Drug sniffer dogs are a regular sight at music festivals around Australia during the summer as well as across Sydney’s train network.

Feature Image: A police officer with dog (Queensland Police)



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