POLICE BRUTALITY! Mother arrested after son tortured to death over false robbery accusation

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A Nigerian mother has been arrested over the torture death of her own son after he was falsely accused as being responsible for an earlier robbery. 

The woman was arrested in Ibafo town in Ogun State for the homicide of her 20-year-old son, known only as Rilwan.

However, at least one source claims the young man was the victim of police brutality during an incident at about 8.45pm on Sunday, January 29.

“The young man was killed and buried by a policeman and his uncle with the knowledge of the mother because of a false accusation of stealing N20,000, which was later found after the death of the young man,” one source told local media.

“The young man, Rilwan, was locked in a room and tear-gassed by the police.”

A police spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, though said the woman’s son was tortured to death by his stepfather and an accomplice, both of whom remain on the run.

Nigeria has a notorious culture and history of violence and brutality among its police forces.



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