PRIEST FROM HELL! New York reverend an alleged meth-head and child abuse fiend

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A New York priest has had his sordid secret life exposed after being busted for possession of child pornography as well as crystal methamphetamine in his church office.

He was the well-liked reverend at the St James Episcopal Church of Long Beach. Some parishioners thought of him as a very “sweet” man.

Many others believed Reverend Christopher King to be an upstanding citizen of New York. “Everybody trusted him,” one parishioner told local media over the weekend.

However, more are now to be in total shock after a police bust at the cleric’s home and church office found horrific child pornography videos on his computer and 12 grams of methamphetamine.

Five video clips allegedly of child pornography were found on Reverend King’s computer by Nassau County police following a tip-off. The videos feature underage boys, some as young as two-years-old. Along with the immoral and illegal pornography stash, police also found 38 non-prescribed Xanax pills left on top of a dresser in the priest’s bedroom.

The bald, bearded priest was living in a church residence at the time of his arrest.

The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island has removed Reverend King from all his positions.

The disgraced vicar will face court again in early February.



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