NO JUSTICE! Lawyer sends threats not to reveal identity of ACON sex offender


EXCLUSIVE: A legal threat has been sent to True Crime News Weekly to not reveal the identity of a male sex worker who allegedly sexually harassed a female victim on the premises of the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) for close to 12 months and was then later found guilty in court of indecent assault.

Charles Stanford, from the little-known Stanford Lawyers in Sydney, has sent a bizarrely opaque threat to True Crime News Weekly in a bid to protect the supposed honour and reputation of a sex offender. True Crime News Weekly can also reveal that Mr Stanford is a Facebook ‘friend’ of a sex offender.

As far as True Crime News Weekly can tell, Stanford Lawyers doesn’t even have its own website. According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr Stanford has been principal owner of Stanford Lawyers since September 2000.

[NOTE: We have discovered a webpage for Stanford Lawyers but it is a one-page sheet that has not been modified for 11 years]

Mr Stanford has grounded his threat on a dubious suppression order that was shockingly granted by a magistrate late last year despite the case being in the clear public interest and not involving family members or any underage children, while the victim herself called for “transparent justice” over the matter.


Mr Stanford has not only threatened True Crime News Weekly with possible court action but also the victim in the case with so-called “serious consequences”.

“I understand you have posted a blog on Facebook in which you allege ‘ACON helped cover up for a convicted male sex predator,'” Mr Stanford wrote to True Crime News Weekly recently.

“I am not at liberty to disclose the parties or the nature of the case but wish to put you on notice that the court saw fit to make a non-publication order in relation to the case in which I acted … or you publish anything touching upon that case or my client, you could be in breach of the court’s order, which could be contempt for disobeying the court order, which may have very serious consequences for you [and the victim].”

Mr Stanford then called on True Crime News Weekly to delete an “offending post on your Facebook page and all other social media” or his client would consider suing for defamation. A threat most strange as True Crime News Weekly is yet to publicly identify or name anybody involved in the case while we can not be sure who Mr Stanford is speaking of as he will not reveal who his “client” is.

True Crime News Weekly did not delete the “offending post” and for public interest’s sake has decided to re-publish it here.


True Crime News Weekly will be seeking to remove the court-ordered suppression order later this week. Moreso, True Crime News Weekly will strongly consider breaking the suppression order if a court does not agree for it to be lifted in coming days, on the basis that a suppression order should never have been granted in the first place as the case does not involve family members or underage children, while the victim also supports “transparent justice”.

Mr Stanford’s threats based on a flimsy court suppression order however does not prevent True Crime News Weekly on reporting on the poor actions and behaviour of ACON when made aware of complaints in the workplace about the actions of the sex offender.

ACON has already been under growing pressure in recent months after True Crime News Weekly revealed the NGO’s allegedly corrupt relationship with its now doomed media partner, Evo Media.

True Crime News Weekly has been informed by numerous sources that senior managers at ACON ignored and mocked the victim’s numerous verbal complaints about the offender for months and only acted when a formal written complaint was made. ACON then unbelievably forced the victim to sign a lifetime gag order if she was to ever receive compensation for her ordeal.

Under-fire ACON CEO, Nicolas Parkhill, or its president, Justin Koonin, will not answer questions about the organisation’s behaviour and willingness to seemingly cover up sex crimes occurring on its premises.

ACON also would not answer questions on whether it believes gagging the victims of sexual assault and harassment aligns with its so-called values of promoting equality, fairness and non-discrimination for the marginalised.

The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby also refused to speak up on behalf of the victim for some reason when approached by True Crime News Weekly despite claiming to be the state’s leading advocacy group for the LGBTIQ community.

Sydney Independent MP, Alex Greenwich, also refuses to comment on the scandal, seemingly again in a bid not to upset his high-powered friends at ACON. Mr Greenwich has also kept a vow of silence on the allegedly corrupt relationship between ACON and Evo Media and refuses to answer questions on why he spent so much money advertising with Evo Media despite being warned in 2013 of corporate crimes and widespread business malpractice occurring.

True Crime News Weekly will soon publish a long-length feature looking into why so many people within the LGBTIQ community itself believe ACON and its supporters are the “gay mafia”and why government funding to the embattled organisation needs to come to an end.




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