BANNED, LIQUIDATED & NOW BANKRUPTED! Disgraced gay media capo Mark Christopher Anthony falls foul of Federal Court while moonlighting as ‘fake lawyer’

EXCLUSIVE: He was the shonky media boss who left a trail of debts in the wake of his dodgy phoenix companies and financial scams, which included ripping off dozens of employees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in government funds for over a decade. But just last month, the noose got tighter for former SameSame and SX Magazine owner, Mark Christopher Anthony, as the Federal Court officially declared him bankrupted. All over an unpaid printing bill. True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, reports.


CRIME CULTURE: American Animals

The year was 2003 and a quartet of college idiots were about to set out to their university library in one of the dumbest heists ever planned. Gary Johnston gives us his verdict on whether new doco-drama American Animals captures the spirit of their infamous criminal caper.