ALL THE SINS! ALL THE SCANDALS! ALL THE ALLEGED POTENTIAL CORRUPTION! Dossiers of the Dodgy: The crooked culture of Scott Morrison’s Coalition this election

FEDERAL ELECTION: With Australians heading to the polls in 10 days time, True Crime News Weekly has compiled a near definitive list of all the sins, scandals and potential corruption that has oozed out of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s LNP government since the Coalition gained power under Tony Abbott all the way back in 2013.


HOLD ON TO YOUR PONYTAILS! Anti-gay LNP MP George Christensen & his Filipina fiancée with the sexy lesbian past who the “member for Manila” met while allegedly trawling sex bars in the Philippines

EXCLUSIVE: He is the politician nicknamed the “member for Manila” after going on 28 separate trips to the Philippines and spending almost 300 days overseas in just four years on the Australian taxpayer dime. But it can now be revealed the homophobic LNP MP, George Christensen, spent a large portion of that holiday time in an Angeles City bar that provides an “adult entertainment service” and it was where he would eventually meet his future fiancée who was in a lesbian relationship at the time.


“DADDY BALLARAT”! Sent to prison for raping 4 boys, former journo & convicted pedo William Scetrine builds social media following in thousands & now searching for “friends” to take around Asia

EXCLUSIVE: William Scetrine was a former journalist and senior adviser to the Australian Democrats party who in 2008 was sentenced to six years imprisonment for raping four primary-school aged boys. The judge said he had shown no remorse and there was little chance of rehabilitation. Having built himself a large following on social media since his release, Scetrine was now looking for “friends” to travel with around Asia.


THE CHESSBOARD KILLER! Meet Alexander Pichushkin

SERIAL KILLERS: The serial killers of Russia are of a significantly different breed, often sporting the epithet of ‘maniac’, ‘ripper’ or ‘monster’ – and there is a kind of crude brutality in their methods. But it is a rare individual that makes a nation re-consider their ban on the death penalty. Alexander Pichushkin, also known as the ‘Bitsa Park Maniac’ and ‘The Chessboard Killer’, is one such murderer.


CARDINAL IN A CELL! Child rapist George Pell tells faithful he is “joyful and content” with prison only a “small inconvenience”

EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal George Pell is said to be “in really good spirits” as well as “joyful and content” just a week after trading the House of God for the Big House and a six year stint for child rape. That’s according to a leaked letter which also states that a “key witness” in Pell’s trial is still “very close to the Cardinal and loves him dearly”.