ANGUS TAYLOR FORGERY REVELATIONS! Senior media adviser & old family friend alleged to have okayed fake document to attack Clover Moore and Minister knows all about it

EXCLUSIVE: He’s the minister with the smug, near-punchable private schoolboy face who seemingly has his finger in as many pies as he can while claiming to represent his constituents. But embattled Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, is now facing serious questions of just how low the ethics in his own office are, and whether a crime may have been committed with his knowledge, or indeed he is now covering up for an old family friend. Serkan Ozturk reports.


“INSENSITIVE AND MALICIOUS”! Gina Rinehart responds but doesn’t deny truth of suicide of former bodyguard & Paladin director Jeremiah John Rouwhorst

EXCLUSIVE: Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart, and her favourite daughter, Ginia, have responded to serious revelations unveiled by True Crime News Weekly about the suicide death of their former family bodyguard and Paladin director, Jeremiah John Rouwhorst, by slamming our investigation as “insensitive and malicious”. But tellingly, they have not claimed it was false or untrue.


CAUSE OF MYSTERY SUICIDE & WHY GINA RINEHART THREATENED TO SUE US FINALLY REVEALED! Paladin director Jeremiah John Rouwhorst alleged to have taken own life after “horrendous text messages” sent to him by billionaire’s favourite daughter

EXCLUSIVE: The mystery over why Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart, threatened True Crime News Weekly earlier this year over our groundbreaking reporting on the Paladin Scandal can finally be revealed. Our publisher, Serkan Ozturk, bravely wades into the cesspool of corruption once more despite being warned off by lackeys of the billionaire mining bully.


SCOTLAND’S FOOTBALL ABUSE SCANDAL ON BRINK OF EXPLODING! Questions raised over organised paedophile rings who went from club to club raping boys

EXCLUSIVE: Scotland’s football abuse scandal is expected to explode with more details coming out that some coaches perhaps acted together in an organised paedophile ring, being moved on from club to club after raping and molesting young boys with big dreams of being professional footballers, writes Gary Johnston.


REAL-LIFE BREAKING BAD ENDS BADLY AGAIN! Former students & colleagues react as high school teacher-turned-drugs-kingpin Kevin Michael Geraghty found guilty of Australia’s biggest ever cocaine importation

EXCLUSIVE: Colombia had Escobar. Mexico had ‘El Chapo’. Britain had ‘Mr Nice’. And after having been found guilty over yet another blockbuster cocaine raid worth almost half a billion dollars, we can now say Australia has Kevin Michael Geraghty – our very own real-life Walter White who went breaking bad after life as a tough but inspiring high school teacher.


NOT OKAY AT ALL! Fears of fascist infiltration of Victoria Police as officer who flashed suspected ‘White Power’ sign at female protestor revealed as Alt-Right fan

EXCLUSIVE: A Victoria Police officer who was photographed menacingly flashing a suspected ‘White Power’ sign at a young woman of Asian heritage at a climate change protest in Melbourne this week is also a fan of well-known Alt-Right and fascist memes, True Crime News Weekly can reveal.