“I’D BE LYING IF I DIDN’T SAY IT WAS A POSSIBILITY”! Footballer Andy Woodward talks about paedophile rings in sport & surviving evil coach Barry Bennell

INTERVIEW: How does a victim survive child sexual abuse? Do they? Can they? These questions and many others are at the core of Andy Woodward’s breathtakingly honest memoir, ‘Position of Trust’, telling the horrific story of his years of abuse at the hands of Barry Bennell, an English football coach whose victims number in the hundreds, if not thousands. Gary Johnston with this interview and book review.


MAKE TEENS RESPONSIBLE FOR CRIME, BUT NOT KIDS! Lawyers & doctors want age of criminal responsibility lifted to 14 to stop children as young as 10 ending up in jail

Current laws around Australia allowing authorities to jail children as young as 10 are a “national tragedy” according to the Law Council of Australia (LCA) and Australian Medical Association (AMA) who have come together this week to release a joint statement calling for the age of criminal responsibility to be increased to 14 years of age.


LAWYER X CORRUPTION SCANDAL BECOMES INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC HEADACHE FOR AUSTRALIA! Emergency legal orders prevent True Crime from revealing Nicola Gobbo’s whereabouts as overseas nation angered by her secret unwanted presence

EXCLUSIVE: Emergency legal orders have forced True Crime News Weekly to pull down a story revealing that an overseas nation and its government have become angered after discovering controversial lawyer-turned-snitch, Nicola Gobbo, has been in forced hiding in the nation for almost a year after entering the country with a passport in another name provided to her by Victoria Police and the Australian Government.



Director Martin Scorsese reunites with old buddies Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel and an out-of-retirement Joe Pesci for one last hurrah making a masterpiece of a gangster film. Gary Johnston with this review of ‘The Irishman’.


ISIS TERRORIST ALLOWED BACK IN AUSTRALIA! Peter Dutton grants return to Islamic State terrorist deported from Turkey while leaving mums & kids to languish in Syria

EXCLUSIVE: For all their tough talk about not bringing home Australian women and children who are languishing in ISIS controlled camps in north-eastern Syria, the Federal Government and Peter Dutton’s Home Affairs office has quietly accepted the repatriation of an ISIS terrorist over the weekend who has been deported from Turkey.


The George Pell Trial – Where Are We Now? David Marr speaks about ‘The Prince’ who became a convicted child rapist

EXCLUSIVE: Long a close watcher of the career and crimes of Catholic Church head honcho and convicted paedophile rapist, George Pell, the journalist and author David Marr has newly released an updated version of his book, ‘The Prince: Faith, Abuse and George Pell’. Therese Taylor takes a look at the wider questions surrounding the Pell case after seeing Marr speak in Sydney recently.