‘PLAGUE SHIP’ COVID CONFIDENTIAL! Links between Ruby Princess & past Liberal Party corruption emerge as cruise liner becomes leading cause of Coronavirus in Australia

EXCLUSIVE: In an amazing bit of coincidence, it can now be revealed that some of the key players involved in the Ruby Princess ‘plague ship’ COVID-19 scandal were involved in a major Liberal Party corruption probe that brought down a premier almost 30 years ago. Serkan Ozturk investigates.


“YOU COULD HAVE KILLED US”! Uni library staff angry after bosses worked from home last week while they were forced onto frontline against COVID-19

EXCLUSIVE: Library staff at some of Australia’s major universities fear they may have been placed in grave danger amidst the worsening Coronavirus pandemic with employees expected to turn up for work last week while their well-paid bosses were keeping themselves safe from COVID-19 by working from home. Serkan Ozturk reports.


YET ANOTHER SCOTT MORRISON LIBERAL RORT! Taxpayers stumping up $85,000 a year for best friend of PM’s ‘sad & lonely’ wife to hang out at Kirribilli House

EXCLUSIVE: It’s being decried as yet another rort involving PM Scott Morrison. It can now be revealed taxpayers are picking up the bill to the tune of $85,000 a year for the best friend of Jennifer Morrison to hang out at Kirribilli House and drink cups of tea with the PM’s wife, who is said to be ‘sad and lonely’. Serkan Ozturk reports.


AVO AVI & NEIL ERIKSON FAIL FOR THE FAR RIGHT! Nationalist pests tried to provoke Invasion Day into violence, and failed … here’s why

MELBOURNE: A couple of Australia’s most obnoxious far-right ‘criminal celebrities’ and their mates tried to troll the 200,000 strong crowd that gathered to mark Invasion Day last weekend. And ended up failing miserably. Anti-fascist tracker, Tom Tanuki, was there to witness it go down and breaks down what it all meant.


THEY THINK THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT! Armenian terrorists hiding out in Australia 40 years after murder of Turkish consul-general Şarik Ariyak in Sydney but ASIO files may point to suspects

EXCLUSIVE: With almost four decades having passed since the murder in Sydney of Turkish consul-general, Şarık Arıyak, a NSW Police taskforce has been formed to once again look into the unsolved case linked to Armenian terrorism. Some of the suspects are believed to be living quiet lives in the harbour city and elsewhere around Australia thinking they got away with murder, although recently released top secret ASIO documents may yet help flush them out. Lois Lane reports.


FAMOUS FEMINIST F*CKS UP, GETS SUED! Clementine Ford left Fairfax job over rape rant about comedian Kieran Butler following murder of his friend Eurydice Dixon

EXCLUSIVE: Controversial media personality, Clementine Ford, has been in the middle of a long defamation case launched against her by comedian, Kieran Butler, who she had suggested was a rape sympathiser as well as an enabler of women being killed just days after his close friend was raped and murdered in a crime that shocked Australia.