THEY THINK THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT! Armenian terrorists hiding out in Australia 40 years after murder of Turkish consul-general Şarik Ariyak in Sydney but ASIO files may point to suspects

EXCLUSIVE: With almost four decades having passed since the murder in Sydney of Turkish consul-general, Şarık Arıyak, a NSW Police taskforce has been formed to once again look into the unsolved case linked to Armenian terrorism. Some of the suspects are believed to be living quiet lives in the harbour city and elsewhere around Australia thinking they got away with murder, although recently released top secret ASIO documents may yet help flush them out. Lois Lane reports.


FAMOUS FEMINIST F*CKS UP, GETS SUED! Clementine Ford left Fairfax job over rape rant about comedian Kieran Butler following murder of his friend Eurydice Dixon

EXCLUSIVE: Controversial media personality, Clementine Ford, has been in the middle of a long defamation case launched against her by comedian, Kieran Butler, who she had suggested was a rape sympathiser as well as an enabler of women being killed just days after his close friend was raped and murdered in a crime that shocked Australia.