COPS CONFRONT CONSTRUCTION BOSS OVER CRITICISM OF PREMIER! Watch the moment NSW Police turn up at Sydney home of construction boss after Facebook posts slam Gladys Berejiklian

EXCLUSIVE: A group of NSW Police officers turned up at the Sydney home of a construction boss over the weekend following Facebook posts slamming NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian for closing down construction sites until the end of July as part of the NSW Government’s expanding lockdown with the Delta strain of the Covid virus continuing to cause havoc across the city. Serkan Ozturk reports.


RENEGADE RADIO: July 14, 2021

This week at Renegade Radio we discuss the worsening Covid situation in Sydney as the Delta strain causes havoc in a nation that has seen the lowest vaccination rates in the developed world, largely thanks to the incompetence of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. We also take a look at our predictions for the recent Euros and Copa America football tournaments, and we are then joined in the studio by John August, a member of the Pirate Party of Australia. With your co-hosts Serkan Ozturk and Gary Johnston.


SYDNEY SEX PARTY IN LOCKDOWN PUTS CITY INTO COVID CHAINS! It was a WILD ORGY at Meriton Suites in Waterloo that spread Delta strain of virus

EXCLUSIVE: It can be revealed that the supposed ‘gathering’ held at the Meriton Suites in Waterloo on the first day of Sydney’s Covid lockdown late last month was a wild orgy, with the cavalier sex party a key reason for the growing spread of the dangerous Delta strain of a virus that has now crippled a city. Serkan Ozturk reports.


WHAT A D*CKHEAD! Scott Morrison doesn’t deny bringing back Covid from UK after finally coming out of hiding looking tired & short of breath as Pfizer admits vaccine doesn’t protect from Delta strain

ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Scott Morrison finally came out of hiding yesterday soon after True Crime News Weekly sent him questions wondering whether his bizarre week-long absence was due to him and his team bringing back the Delta strain of Covid while on their recent needless trip to the UK. Meanwhile, Morrison’s strange disappearance and tired and withdrawn reappearance comes as pharmaceutical giant Pfizer admits that more than two booster shots are needed for people to be adequately protected from the dangerous Delta strain of the virus. Serkan Ozturk reports.


PATIENT PM ZERO! Scott Morrison fails & endangers Australia after bringing back Delta strain of Covid from recent UK trip

EXCLUSIVE: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has personally endangered the entire Australian populace after contracting the dangerous Delta strain of Covid while on a needless trip to the UK recently, taken ostensibly as a guest watcher of the G7 economic-political summit but believed by many as a desperate opportunity to meet with his British-based electoral public relations team to shore up a failing leadership.