CRIME CULTURE: The Sins Of The Sheikh

BOOK REVIEW: The giant shopping malls and skyscrapers of Dubai are a playground for a patriarchy that only pays lip service to human rights, suggests Irfan Yusuf, as he casts his eye over 60 Minutes journalist Tom Steinfort’s new book ‘The Sins of the Sheikh’.


BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS! Young women & men in Western Sydney drop dead at home from Covid Crisis as Gulag Gladys Berejiklian covers up true hospital numbers with “health hotels”

EXCLUSIVE: More and more young women and men in Western Sydney are now literally dropping dead in their own homes from Covid because Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s failing NSW Government is deliberately trying to keep hospitalisation rates artificially lower than what they truly are by using so-called “health hotels”, with people being urged not to visit a hospital as the state’s health system simply now can’t cope with the growing crisis. Serkan Ozturk reports.


FILTHY SIGURDSSON! PREMIER LEAGUE KICKS OFF WITH PEDO SCANDAL! Everton star Gylfi Sigurdsson arrested over child sexual abuse but Fleet Street media forced into silence

EXCLUSIVE: The world’s richest and most watched sporting competition, the English Premier League, has kicked off this month with delighted fans once again back in stadiums across the UK. But while goals are being scored and celebrated there also remains the definitely-not-small matter of star Everton midfielder, Gylfi Sigurdsson, being arrested over child sexual abuse charges which the local scandal-hungry Fleet Street media pack can’t report about because of controversial censorship laws. Serkan Ozturk reports.


AUSTRALIA’S WORST COP? 41-yr-old Victoria Police officer charged with almost 100 offences including sexual assault & stalking all allegedly committed while on duty

EXCLUSIVE: A 41-year-old leading senior constable from Victoria Police might be vying for the title of Australia’s worst cop after being charged with almost 100 offences – including sexual assault and stalking – allegedly all committed while on duty over a period of one decade. Serkan Ozturk reports.


HABIB DEMANDS ANSWERS! Watch NSW Police Minister David Elliott admit Gulag Gladys “f*cked up” by not locking down Bondi in mid-June after confronted over “racist” & “tyrannical” Covid curfew for Western Sydney

EXCLUSIVE: Video has emerged of NSW Police Minister David Elliott admitting the NSW Government “f*cked up” by not locking down Bondi in mid-June before turning away in fear after realising he was being filmed by a man on the street who simply wanted answers about Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s “racist” and “tyrannical” curfew of Western Sydney as the state battles a worsening Covid Crisis.


DRAWN INTO NAZI SCANDAL EASY AS ABC! Tv presenter Jane Gazzo threatens defamation then deletes Twitter account over links to anti-Covid lockdown friends like Ally Spazzy who was using kid’s music show to spread Neo-Nazi hate

EXCLUSIVE: ABC TV presenter and writer, Jane Gazzo, has gone into full-on damage control – first threatening defamation, then deleting her Twitter account – after being linked to an anti-Covid, Neo-Nazi social media chat group that has come to public attention following the outing of Melbourne musician, Alice McNamara aka Ally Spazzy, as a proud racist fascist who it can now be revealed was also shockingly using her children’s music show to spread extremist far-right propaganda. Serkan Ozturk reports.