RENEGADE RADIO: Garry Linnell on ‘The Devil’s Work’ & Jack The Ripper

We are joined by Walkley Award winning journalist and author, Garry Linnell, for a deep dive interview about his latest book, ‘The Devil’s Work’, a Gothic historical true crime investigation examining the life of 19th century Australian-British serial killer, Frederick Bailey Deeming: deemed the “criminal of the century” and the man who very well may have been the infamous ‘Jack The Ripper’. Murder, bloodlust, spiritualism, and madness. It’s all there. With your host Serkan Ozturk.


SCOMO SCARED THE MEDIA NOT TO TALK TO US! New Liberals come out swinging against corrupt LNP threats for Press Gallery to shut up

In yet a further example of the intertwined and unhealthy relationship between the corporate media and the Federal Government in Australia, goons from Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party have threatened members of Canberra’s Press Gallery to not provide media coverage of The New Liberals Party ahead of the upcoming federal election, writes the party’s leader Victor Kline.


20 YEARS IN TWO WEEKS! The Fall of Kabul

M. Lee is a Melbournian of Chinese heritage who first came to Australia with her family, after fleeing Vietnam as a political refugee in the early 80’s. Like many of her fellow former refugees from Vietnam, the US’s sudden and bloody withdrawal of Afghanistan led to much condemnation from world leaders due to the way in which they left a war they felt they could not win. Triggered by the similarities between the fall of Saigon and the fall of Kabul, this article was her immediate response.


COWARDLY & SICKENING! CAUGHT ON TAPE! Victoria Police officer almost kills man at train station after body-slamming man’s head from behind into ground with horrifying thud

EXCLUSIVE: A cowardly Victoria Police officer has body-slammed a man head-first into the ground from behind at a busy Melbourne train station this week while the man was completely unaware and posing no immediate threat, with the man’s head making a sickening and horrifying ‘thud’ sound when it connected with the hard concrete, as shocked witnesses recorded the atrocious incident of police brutality on a mobile phone. Serkan Ozturk reports.


DUMB DUMB DAILY TELE DOES IT AGAIN! All Chinese noodle shops must look alike as racist Daily Telegraph identifies wrong restaurant as Sydney’s “worst”

EXCLUSIVE: Widely loathed across Sydney and the entire nation for its sloppy journalism and equally racist worldview, the Daily Telegraph has managed to out-do its own stupidity once again, this time by falsely and wrongly depicting an innocent Chinese noodle restaurant as Sydney’s “worst” when it comes to food hygiene. Serkan Ozturk reports.


RENEGADE RADIO: John Safran ‘Puff Piece’ Special

The one and only John Safran joins us to discuss his new book ‘Puff Piece’ which takes a look at how giant tobacco companies are now trying to position themselves as health and lifestyle brands, while we also shoot the breeze with the satirist and author about our favourite crime-fiction writers and how he is surviving the Covid lockdown, amongst a whole host of other topics in this extended interview. With your host Serkan Ozturk.


THE “TWITTER MOB” IS TO BLAME FOR MY CORRUPTION! “Alleged rapist” Christian Porter resigns from Cabinet over so-called “blind trust” after True Crime exposé

EXCLUSIVE: “Alleged rapist” politician, Christian Porter, is no longer a member of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Cabinet, being punted out of the ministry today after being unable to explain who donated at least $1 million to cover his legal fees in an ultimately doomed defamation battle against the ABC. But rather than reflecting on his own sleazy actions, the former Attorney-General has chosen to blame True Crime News Weekly and the “Twitter mob” for his demise. Serkan Ozturk reports.


“WE’LL SUE IF YOU TELL”! Small WA legal firm AUL Law behind mystery “blind trust” which “alleged rapist” Christian Porter says paid his legal fees

EXCLUSIVE: A small legal firm based in Christian Porter’s hometown of Perth is believed to be behind the mysterious trust which the “alleged rapist” politician has used as a supposed “blind trust” for others seemingly unbeknownst to him to pay for his million-dollar legal fees in his ultimately doomed defamation battle against the ABC.


RENEGADE RADIO: Soccer Sin Scandal Special

Combining our passions for football and crime, we take a deep dive look into all the recent sexual abuse and assault scandals surrounding the English Premier League and the likes of Benjamin Mendy, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs. While former footballer, Gordon Woods, joins us to discuss his experiences fighting for justice as a survivor of child sexual abuse at the notorious Celtic Boys club, a youth feeder team associated with football giants Glasgow Celtic, and a haven for an organised paedophile ring for decades. With your co-hosts Serkan Ozturk and Gary Johnston.


EVIL RAPIST APPEAL WHINGE DISMISSED! Adam Robert Hall who tortured & raped a woman for 12 hours while boasting he was a ‘serial killer’ complains 22 yr prison stint too long

EXCLUSIVE: An evil rapist with a long criminal history who subjected his then-girlfriend to a 12-hour horror ordeal of sexual abuse, violence and torture while boasting he could have been a “serial killer” has had an appeal against his 22-year prison sentence dismissed after whinging that it was “manifestly excessive”. Serkan Ozturk reports.