FOXY COUNCILS! Inner West & Burwood Councils Hoping “Brazen” Fox Goes Back to Normal Habits not School with Covid Lockdown Lifted

EXCLUSIVE: Local councils in Sydney are hopeful the lifting of the Covid lockdown will allow for a “brazen” and “ballsy” furry fox friend that has seemingly made its lair at a number of local schools across the city’s inner-west to slowly return to its normal routine and habits so it does not have to be captured and destroyed. Serkan Ozturk reports.


RENEGADE RADIO: Parklea Prison Inmate + Greg Mullins on Climate Change & Bushfires

We are joined by former NSW Fire Commissioner, Greg Mullins, to discuss his new book ‘Firestorm’ about how climate change is increasing our risk of natural disasters, including bushfires that are now more like Hell Fires. We also take a call and have a chat with an inmate recently released from the notorious Parklea Prison and now serving house arrest. With your co-hosts Serkan Ozturk and Nirai McRae.


ART, SEX ABUSE, FRAUD, MURDER, SUICIDE! Wicked life & death of Herbert Hepburn Calvert glimpsed for first time after 100 year cover-up

EXCLUSIVE: At the time of his death almost 100 years ago, in 1923, artist Herbert Hepburn Calvert was lauded as “one of the best known painters of Australian birds.” Yet his whimsical but realistic depictions of this nation’s birdlife hid a much darker, tormented soul and criminal life. That ended with a supposed late-night fall in a busy Adelaide hotel while he likely happened to be travelling with a much younger but equally-as-tormented “artist” and convicted felon.


RENEGADE RADIO: Gulag Gladys Gone + Striking Train Driver Speaks Out

With the state of New South Wales experiencing another political implosion thanks to (alleged) corruption, we discuss some of the dodgy dealings the recently resigned power trio of Gladys Berejiklian, John Barilaro and Andrew Constance are said to have been involved with. We also interview a train driver who was recently on strike over plans by the NSW Government to cut train guards, cleaners and other staff just as the state is re-opening up from the Covid lockdown. With your co-hosts Serkan Ozturk and Nirai McRae.


BEREJIKLIAN’S BURDEN TO GET BIGGER … WAY BIGGER! ‘Gulag’ Gladys Berejiklian & John ‘Bruz’ Barilaro Go Before They’re Pushed Over Corruption Connections in NSW That Went on FOR YEARS Including Alleged Child Rape & Murder Cover-Ups AND a Repeat of the ‘Barnaby Joyce Scandal’

EXCLUSIVE: The state of NSW has experienced another major political implosion over the past few days. With its premier, Gladys Berejiklian, as well as deputy premier, John Barilaro, and high-profile minister, Andrew Constance, calling it quits before they were pushed over their close connection to separate corruption scandals involving dodgy questionable personal relationships and sly backroom deals, including on behalf of alleged child rapists and murderers, that have been raging on for years. Serkan Ozturk with all the wild details.