RAMADAN OVER RACISM! An ode to Lakemba’s Night Market

CRIME CULTURE: Even until just a few years ago, the western Sydney suburb of Lakemba was regularly portrayed by the mainstream media as a no-go zone full of dangerous and violent ‘Lebos’. Crime Culture editor, Irfan Yusuf, pays a visit to the suburb that is now attracting thousands of people nightly with its ever growing annual Ramadan Night Market.


ACCUSED LIBERAL PARTY PEDO TRIES & FAILS TO RUIN EASTER WITH LEGAL BURDENS! Alleged Liberal Party child rapist whinges & whines about True Crime articles to no avail

EXCLUSIVE: An accused child rapist who has worked at the highest levels for the Liberal Party, including for allegedly corrupt former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, tried to use the recent Easter holiday long weekend to intimidate True Crime News Weekly ahead of the resumption of their own court case over the alleged rapes of two children under the age of 10. Serkan Ozturk reports.


RENEGADE RADIO: Former Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi, the man who convicted Ivan Milat!

We are joined by Former Crown Prosecutor, Mark Tedeschi, to discuss his new book Missing: Presumed Dead as well as other issues such as Indigenous (in)justice, the Drug Court, and his work as a Criminal Lawyer including putting infamous serial killer Ivan Milat behind bars. Mark gives a teaser of his new book looking at the notorious murderer Bruce Burrell and the disappearances of Kerry Whelan and Dorothy Davis. With your co-hosts Serkan Ozturk and Aidan Satz. Produced and edited by Aidan Satz.


“THE GREAT FEMALE IMPERSONATOR”! The forgotten “extraordinary” tale of “pseudo woman” Gordon Lawrence: one of modern Australia’s first queer folk heroes

EXCLUSIVE: In 1888, in front of 20,000 people, 21-year-old Gordon Lawrence caused a riot after being arrested in the middle of Melbourne for “female impersonation”. It’s a forgotten Australian true crime tale that is likely to become a modern day sensation and perhaps may even create ‘new’ queer heroes for today’s generation. Yael Grunseit with this investigation into gender, sex, transgression and art.


PARENTS DEMAND ANSWERS OVER ALLEGED RAPES! Katoomba High principal Jennifer Boyall goes on leave with police investigating not one, not two, BUT MULTIPLE school sexual assaults

EXCLUSIVE: Katoomba High School principal, Jennifer Boyall, has now gone on so-called “long service leave” in the face of credible claims of a long cover-up over a number of alleged rapes and sexual assaults of teenage girls involving male students at the Blue Mountains school. It comes just a few years after Ms Boyall was alleged to have acted slowly when a predatory popular teacher was targeting female students. Tayla Foster investigates.


MISINFORMATION, CONTRADICTION, PLAGIARISM! Channel 9 is at it again with a KING hit on truth

EXCLUSIVE: Mainstream media outlets are at the centre of a plagiarism storm, with a group of local amateur sleuths who have spent years looking into the notorious unsolved Mr Cruel case in Melbourne going public with claims their extensive research has been allegedly stolen by an American law enforcement consultant. Mike King has now received widespread acclaim for providing a “major breakthrough” by the likes of Channel 9 and News Corp despite making a range of basic errors regarding the case. Aidan Satz investigates.