“IVAN MILAT GAVE ME A LIFT … AND TRIED TO MURDER ME”! Teacher reveals horror memory from summer of 1976 after hitching ride with serial killer

EXCLUSIVE: In time, Rick O’Brien would go on to become a much-loved teacher at some of Sydney’s best schools but in the summer of 1976 he was just a young surfie with a mullet looking for a ride out of the city. The man with the moustache who offered him a lift seemed like a nice guy. Less than an hour later though, Rick was left running for his life. Vedanshi Bhalodia reports.


“WHAT SORT OF FAMILY MAN WOULDN’T CARE ABOUT CHILD ABUSE”?! Grandma SLAMS ScoMo for ignoring NSW Police & Child Services failings

EXCLUSIVE: True Crime News Weekly has been given extensive insight into a serious child abuse case which demonstrates seeming negligence by a range of government institutions. However, all related institutions have failed to act in a case which has been going on for over eight years. Now, a grandmother speaks out and is blaming Prime Minister Scott Morrison for ignoring her. Aidan Satz investigates.


CENTRELINK SUICIDE SHAME! The deeply tragic link between welfare, being unemployed and Australia’s national suicide rate

EXCLUSIVE: It’s the deeply shameful secret Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government won’t talk about and doesn’t want you to know. Yet the details are all there hidden in official statistics and expert research: that Australia’s national suicide rate is heavily linked to unemployment and the fear of ending up on Centrelink. It’s the tragic tale of how a welfare system became a “mental illness factory”. Serkan Ozturk investigates.


1+1 = TWO TOUCHY TREASURERS! Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers outed as alleged historical sex-pest, joins Josh Frydenberg in alleged ‘Pay-Off Club’

EXCLUSIVE: Labor’s Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers has followed his direct opponent, Josh Frydenberg, as the latest high-profile politician to have serious allegations of sexual misconduct made against them, with the police even getting involved and a mysterious megabucks pay-off being made to silence a survivor. Pierce Field investigates.



LIVE REVIEW: The federal election campaign is ripe for satire with The Chaser dedicating a new live show to the foibles of politics. Irfan Yusuf, went along to the Enmore Theatre in Sydney’s inner-west hoping for a laugh, or two, or three.


JOSH JOSTLED BY PORTER RAPE ALLEGATIONS! Watch & relive the moment alleged groper Josh Frydenberg defends alleged rapist Christian Porter

EXCLUSIVE: Having been sensationally outed by True Crime News Weekly as the senior federal Cabinet Minister allegedly at the centre of a $500,000 sexual harassment payout to a former junior staffer, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s past statements defending alleged rapists such as Christian Porter have once again come under the microscope. Serkan Ozturk reports.


BROCHURE BUST! Liberal MP Trevor Evans pulls out old testimonials for election material without knowledge of charity as LNP lies spiral

EXCLUSIVE: He is the sitting Liberal MP for the seat of Brisbane. But Trevor Evans is facing a tough battle to keep a hold of his position in Parliament. Is that why he has taken to using old testimonials on election brochures without the knowledge of those who gave them? And why have so many other Liberal candidates been caught out doing the same? Linda Rose investigates.