ISRAEL OR AUSTRALIA? The Liberal Party’s Obsession with Zionism

EXCLUSIVE: Are accusations of anti-Semitism being weaponised by certain political parties to tar their opponents? True Crime News Weekly hit the streets of the blue-ribbon electorate of Wentworth in Sydney’s east to take a look at claims that Zionism has been consistently used by the Liberal party in attempts to secure the Jewish vote, whether the Jewish vote actually matters, and how annoying it is that we have to speak about Zionism every local election. Yael Grunseit investigates.


RENEGADE RADIO: Here Goes Nothing with Steve Toltz

We are joined by Booker nominated novelist Steve Toltz from Los Angeles to discuss his new book ‘Here Goes Nothing’ ahead of his appearance at the Sydney Writer’s Festival in May. Murder, mystery, love, philosophy, satire, existentialism, the afterlife and the supernatural – Steve gives his views on all the big topics. Produced and edited by Aidan Satz.


MORRISON KNEW ROBODEBT WAS ROBBERY! “I said out loud it was theft”: Centrelink employee reveals all about the LNP scheme that killed

EXCLUSIVE: A Centrelink employee has sensationally lifted the lid on Robodebt and how PM Scott Morrison was personally warned the scheme which ended up causing the suicide of hundreds of poverty-stricken welfare recipients was illegal but he did not care. Instead, the PM helped fire the person who gave the warning. Kieran Butler reports.


JOSH ALSO ALLEGED TO HAVE TUDGED MILLER! Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s unwanted kissing & groping said to be key reason for ScoMo cover-up of Rachelle Miller report

EXCLUSIVE: Allegations that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg kissed and groped a junior staffer without their consent a decade ago are said to be the key reason for why Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been trying to cover-up a major Department of Finance report into sexual abuse and harassment within Federal Parliament. Pierce Field reports.