“CORRUPT” KENEALLY COVER-UP GOES ALL THE WAY TO TOP COP! NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb caught out LYING to Parliament about lack of suspension for Constable Daniel Keneally who got innocent man jailed and now finally set to face CRIMINAL CHARGES

EXCLUSIVE: NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb lied to a parliamentary inquiry last month when she claimed “corrupt” police officer Daniel Keneally had been suspended over his dishonest actions which led to an innocent man spending three weeks in solitary confinement. Police now admit Keneally – the son of Labor Party heavyweight Kristina Keneally – has never been suspended but was instead promoted. The admission comes as the NSW DPP finally prepares to bring criminal charges against the wayward police officer. Serkan Ozturk reports.


Is ‘Middle Eastern crime’ really a myth? BAD Sydney to hear from voices that matter

CRIME CULTURE: Residents of Western Sydney have long got used to the epithet of ‘Middle Eastern crime’ being bleated equally aloud and all over the place by tabloid shock jocks and senior police alike. Ahead of this year’s BAD Sydney Festival, Therese Taylor speaks with one of its special guests – novelist Michael Mohammed Ahmad – about the realities of crime and ‘ethnicity’.