“A DOSE OF HADLEY 101”! Father & son united in trouble as radio loudmouth Ray Hadley’s errant cop son Daniel ratted out as “repeat cocaine buyer”

EXCLUSIVE: Former Police Officer of the Year, Daniel Hadley, has quit the NSW police force in disgrace in the wake of his sensational drugs bust following a sting by the force’s internal anti-corruption squad. It comes as his alleged drug dealer has outed him as a “repeat cocaine buyer”. All the while, his loudmouth ‘tough-on-drugs’ shock jock dad, Ray Hadley, has remained on the air. True Crime News Weekly takes a close look at the trajectory and troubles of father and son.

A little while back a close friend of ours – a passionate Bulldogs rugby league supporter – told True Crime News Weekly over a chat and a few beers that he rang Ray Hadley’s 2GB Continuous Call team to ask some questions and discuss his beloved footy team.

This piqued our interest and we asked him, ‘how did it go’? He told us he first had to wait something like 35 to 40 minutes before he got on air to speak with Hadley and the team. Whilst on hold, the operator regularly reinforced that under no circumstances was he to have his radio turned on, adding that “Ray” gets angry about radio delay feedback. So our friend stuck to the Hadley instruction and had his radio switched off the entire time he was forced to wait.

Finally, he got his chance to not only speak with the man himself but ask a question about his favourite team.

After asking his burning question, Hadley with the force of a hurricane launched immediately into a tirade, barking at him, “if you had been listening to the program you imbecile then you would have heard the answer to your question!”

Stunned, our friend attempted to explain that he was told in no uncertain terms not to have his radio on while waiting to go on air. But Hadley wouldn’t have a bar of it, refusing to let him finish and promptly cut him off, but not before playing one of his ridiculing jingles in the background – something that he is noted for. Feeling his embarrassment from the experience, True Crime News Weekly told him “congratulations, you just copped a dose of Hadley 101”.

This is just a minor example of the brutal, sociopathic reality that is Ray Hadley, who has a long history of alleged bullying and intimidating behaviour.

It is also alleged it is not confined to his radio persona; fellow employees at Radio 2GB have come and gone over the years, many of whom were unable to tolerate his vicious, foul-mouthed verbal abuse of them in the workplace.

Apparently, personal threats are an integral part of the Hadley experience which rules by fear, intimidation and a trip-wire intolerance to anything and everyone subject to what mood he is in at the time. But as long as Hadley, along with his stable-mate Alan ‘The Parrot’ Jones are big ratings pullers for 2GB, then that’s all that matters to station management in the cut-throat world of talkback and commercial radio.

Rumours of staff being reduced to tears under his relentless tirades have been the norm. For example, an incident a few years ago allegedly involving a young male staffer, Richard Palmer, who appeared in Hadley’s opinion to be moving too slow in meeting his demands, had the effect of triggering a full-blooded abusive rant against the young man which resulted in reducing him to tears.

The incident was so intensely abusive that the Managing Director of 2GB at the time moved to suspend Hadley from the airwaves for a week. Ordinarily, one would think that an apology to the young man may have been forthcoming, but in true narcissistic fashion, it is alleged that Hadley high-tailed it to one of biggest stakeholders in the station at the time, John Singleton, and cried on his shoulder about the suspension. Singleton responded in kind by leaning on the then managing director, admonishing him for his course of action. The decision to suspend Hadley for one week was promptly reversed, therefore sending a clear message to others as to what to expect if you crossed one ‘Ray Hadley’.

Another episode involved a male staffer, who like Palmer, had been the recipient of ongoing verbal abuse by Hadley. He too had had enough. Unbeknownst to Hadley though, this male staffer was a mixed martial arts exponent and the staffer described in detail how he burst into Hadley’s office and challenged him to a physical confrontation right there and then. In a response that is so typical of many bullies when cornered, it is alleged Hadley had basically turned to water. Needless to say, that staff member moved on. It seems to be the common right-wing media criteria for the job which is reminiscent of Alan Jones’s foul-mouthed abusive rant a few years ago specifically targeting staff. The trigger for a tirade that seemed to last an eternity? A broken pencil.

“If you had been listening to the program you imbecile then you would have heard the answer to your question!”: Ray Hadley (Image: 2GB)

Within and without ‘Planet 2GB’, Hadley is every bit the bully who tends to adhere to the same charming dialogue of belittling people at a deeply personal level. Terms such as ‘imbecile’, ‘moron’, ‘terminally stupid’ and even ‘spastic’, are all part of the Hadley toolkit designed to control others through fear, intimidation, and of course, humiliation.

The image creation of Hadley being a hero for ‘the battlers’, is one of the purest examples of right-wing propaganda one could cite, pushing the notion that he was once “a battler” and had the courage and determination to rise above it all and make a success of himself: “you see, just like me, I used to drive cabs”.

He implies, as do his right-wing cronies, that if you don’t have wealth at your disposal it means you haven’t worked hard enough, or perhaps you’re even a socioeconomic failure.

The facade of authenticity is the other component which gives the distinct impression you know what you are talking about, and along with grandstanding, such as taking on a pet issue or rectifying a problem for one or more of your listeners. Many of which are often achieved in a dramatic, even aggressive phone confrontation with an agency or government representative on air to show the listening audience that you have the heroic courage to take on the big players on behalf, of course once again, you guessed it, ‘the battlers’.

Little do ‘the battlers’ realise, that Hadley and his ilk are the media branch for the very party in government which least represents their interests, in fact, they downright violate their interests. They fulfil their right-wing job description to the very last letter of which Rupert Murdoch stands proud. A large portion of Hadley’s show involves the radio loudmouth regurgitating Murdoch talking points of that day – that week, that month – after earlier having scoured the News Corp tabloids for ‘material’. That’s despite the ultimate employers for Hadley’s show being News Corp’s long term rivals, Fairfax Media; soon to be Nine, following its buyout and takeover.

Hadley, like all good sociopaths, possesses an inflated sense of self-worth even talent, and thus feels he is impervious to mistakes or wrongdoings. In the Murdoch-stained media world what is a few hundred thousand dollars or more to cover defamation legal costs that conclude with everyone’s favourite outcome of the ‘out of court shut up clause’ settlement. Thus the public is frequently denied the exact number of successful defamation proceedings launched against star performers such as Hadley.

Hadley fits either into the category of sociopath or psychopath; we prefer the latter. They inflict great damage, possess little or no remorse or empathy and have zero tolerance for criticism. Vindictiveness is a frequent characteristic and if crossed they are like a dog with a bone in seeking revenge. It is Hadley that has targeted others with his special brand of bullying, and what he views as incompetence, but as long as it is Hadley, himself, that engages in the bullying and abuse, then that’s OK!

Hadley’s viciousness was never more evident than when former Nine Footy Show commentator and Rugby League caller Andrew Voss remarked on a statue of Ray Warren erected in Warren’s hometown of Junee. Hadley’s incendiary temper was unleashed on Voss in the most breathtakingly vile and vicious attack on a fellow media personality ever seen, resulting in great personal damage, not only to Voss himself, but also his wife and children, who had been targeted and bullied at school because of it.

In a sense it was fortunate for Voss that he had already contracted to move to Fox Sports, but for a time he was consigned to calling New Zealand matches, in New Zealand, partly due to the defamation proceedings Voss had launched against Hadley.

Once again 2GB station owners came to the rescue and it is alleged an out of court settlement with a possible “take the money and shut up clause” ensured that to this day Voss has never discussed the matter.

The treatment of Voss can be likened to the coward jumping in on a brawl and throwing a few punches, only when they have sensed it is safe for them to do so. Voss had been on the outer with the Channel 9 Footy Show and had been ridiculed on the show itself. It seems that once Hadley sensed the negative sentiment toward Voss was sufficient, he felt safe to viciously attack him.


On the homefront, things have been less than savoury for Hadley. In the context of his explosive temper, it is alleged that Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) had to be taken out against him by his now-estranged second wife, Suzanne. If that wasn’t enough, in 2014, Hadley took to the airwaves and attacked his separated wife’s then, new, partner – NSW Blues coaching staff member Matt Parish. Hadley tried to justify it by erecting the facade that it had nothing to do with his wife’s involvement with Parish, and it was his right to criticise the performance of the NSW Origin team, despite singling out Parish for particular attention.

This was also linked to Hadley allegedly leaning on his son as a NSW Police officer to access the police database to acquire information on his wife’s partners, as well as other people Hadley wished to dig the dirt on via his talkback program.

It is alleged that Daniel Hadley, then a serving NSW Police Officer had accessed the database for information on people for reasons other than for direct law enforcement purposes. Hadley Jnr was the subject of internal disciplinary action, however, the story was buried as rapidly as it came to light.

Many a police officer has been suspended or even lost their jobs over activities such as the searching of details of former partners or their current partners and leaking such details to external sources, something the police take very seriously. Yet it appears he has escaped unscathed.

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Ray Hadley himself has made substantial donations to Police, been guest of honour at significant Police functions and events, including speaking engagements, which has led some to query just how much influence Hadley has exerted over police matters. He has often boasted that he was a key player in the appointment of former Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione.

However, it was an alleged incident in 2012 at Hadley’s residence at Dural that re-ignited suspicions as to the nature and extent of that influence that Hadley may have had with police. A party was thrown at the Hadley residence to mark his daughter’s completion of her HSC. Present at the party were a number of other HSC students celebrating the conclusion of the exams. It was a combination of alcohol and poor supervision which impacted on the events that unfolded. Also in attendance were five off-duty police officers who had spent the better part of the day drinking at a local tavern. Supervision responsibilities belonged to Hadley and his now estranged wife.

“Repeat cocaine buyer”: Alleged to be a regular cocaine user by his drug dealer, Daniel Hadley also happened to be involved in major drug busts while with the NSW Police (Image: Ten Daily)

It was what transpired later in the night that was subject to allegations of assault. A 17-year-old boy who was intoxicated prior to attending the party was alleged to have become verbally abusive and assaulted an off-duty female officer. Witness accounts varied.

A seemingly consistent account suggested that indeed the young man was intoxicated and was struggling, by his own admission, however he was not seen to have been abusive or assaulted a police officer which is an extremely serious allegation.

At approximately 1.30am Daniel Hadley arrived accompanied by other officers and it is alleged from the get-go that he appeared to have a chip on his shoulder. He had been drinking much of the night at the “Hills Tavern”.

It is believed that before long, Hadley Jnr had decided it was time for the young man to be escorted from the party by Hadley along with two other officers, one of whom was female. It was when the young man struggled to get to his feet intoxicated, that Hadley Jnr allegedly kicked the young man in the face.

When he finally got to his feet he was the recipient of verbal abuse. Witnesses alleged that Hadley Snr then punched the young man in the back of the head and he was grabbed, hoisted upwards by the back of his shirt and dragged out to the front gate all whilst the verbal abuse continued.

The incident was reported to Castle Hill Police by the victim and other witnesses. However, after discussions with the police who stated that they would be subjected to aggressive questioning in court by high priced lawyers, it is understood that it was then they decided to withdraw their complaints.

The concerning aspect to all of this is that the victim and witnesses requested copies of statements approximately five times before finally being provided with the copies. Copies of the statements should have been provided immediately, and to add to the suspicions, it was understood that Hadley’s lawyers had access to the contents of the statements something like two hours following their completion.

The other aspect to this which does little or nothing to dispel the notion of mishandling by the police and possible interference by others, is that the alleged perpetrator, Daniel Hadley, was offered an apology by Police, yet the alleged victim was denied an apology, and also, the offer of an apology was made before the police had concluded a departmental investigation.

It appears that Daniel Hadley has ‘runs on the board’ in the Police Department for his arrogant, bullying behaviour that, if true, would surely render him inappropriate for the role of a Police officer who has taken an oath to protect and serve the people of New South Wales. It seems that in some ways Hadley Jnr came to a similar conclusion recently, handing in his police badge and quitting the force in mid-September, a month after his arrest for cocaine possession.

It was alleged that at The Brewery hotel near Annangrove, whilst still a trainee officer, that Daniel Hadley had to be removed from the premises by security because instead of walking a few feet to the toilets when he felt the urge he instead urinated on the floor where he stood, and it is alleged this occurred in front of a crowd of people in the pub.

It was a somewhat futile exercise in obtaining witness evidence as the owner of the pub at the time was a close friend of Hadley Snr. In another alleged incident, this time at the Hills Tavern, Hadley was in a heated altercation with his then girlfriend which escalated into screaming and ended with Hadley spitting straight into her face – all in front of several witnesses!

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The latest instalment in the Hadley saga involves Daniel being charged in possession of the prohibited drug, cocaine. Hadley Jnr was under the police microscope well before his cocaine bust for allegations of the bullying of suspects and inciting and aggravating situations beyond what is reasonable. In fact, according to two unnamed sources within the Department, there was an air of reluctance by officers to even work with him as he was regarded as a “loose cannon” and a potential danger. It is believed that Hadley Jnr was perhaps on his last legs as an officer anyhow and it was only a matter of time before he would ultimately lose his job.

Ray Hadley is the quintessential controlling, bullying and viciously cruel narcissistic monster who cares little or nothing for the damage he causes by targeting others with his abusive, intimidating and humiliating behaviour.

In other words, he is a sociopath, perhaps even a psychopath, if details of his upbringing were made clearer. It is understood he now wishes to have his son’s case heard in the context of the NSW Mental Health Act, that is, if it can be proven that his son’s offence and alleged cocaine usage is a direct consequence of a mental illness or disorder at the time of the alleged offence.

One of the key issues is to establish that the allegations were out of character and not the usual or historical pattern of Daniel’s behaviour. A mental health specialist, e.g. a psychiatrist, would have had to examine Daniel Hadley in order for a diagnosis to be arrived at, and it has to be established that it is highly unlikely that in the absence of a diagnosed mental illness that he would have committed the offence. It is believed that Daniel Hadley has been seeking treatment for psychological issues most likely depression.

However, just a month ago, Daniel Hadley’s alleged cocaine dealer, Shaquillie Sione Vaisiqine Laf Moubayed, testified in a court that the errant former police officer was a “repeat cocaine buyer” who he knew only as ‘Mick’. The admission came as Mr Moubayed pleaded guilty in court to supplying Hadley with the drug. According to reports, the unemployed 22-year-old told police he was selling cocaine to support himself and his mother. He will face sentencing on December 12, the same day Hadley has his next appearance in court.

Perhaps the answer to the vexing question of how much influence Hadley Snr has in regards to the police will ultimately lie in the course and outcome of Daniel Hadley’s trial.

True Crime News Weekly very much doubts that any alleged dysfunctionality between father and son will be presented in Daniel Hadley’s defence as a contributing factor in the son’s current psychological and emotional problems, thus leading to his committing of the offence.

The father’s level of narcissism and psychopathy would not allow for that. Despite Hadley Snr’s public display of tearfulness as he spoke of being a failure as a father, it still ultimately appeared to be a grab for public sympathy.

Ray Hadley’s distress was more likely to have been due to the exposure and damage the arrest of his son may have caused his reputation and ratings, than anything to do with really caring about his son’s predicament.

Like all good psychopaths, Ray Hadley ‘knows the words but not the music’ and has a demeanour and a mood ready for any situation as long as they help achieve the outcome of “whatever Ray Hadley, wants Ray Hadley gets”, no matter the human cost, price and perhaps even his own son’s future.



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  1. Hadley is a weak coward and every one that has any connections with him knows that only too well, only good at attacking women and turns to jelly if confronted by a man, or even a strong woman and it appears his offspring are no better.

    • hadley has a reputation as a weak chicken hearted coward, most league players laugh when they hear about his bullying as they all know how weak he is, cant keep a wife thru his bullying style and his treatment of julia gilliard was disgusting but a strong woman would have no trouble handling him, just a pea heart that uses his position to intimidate staff., much like that old tart Jones another pea heart big girls blouse

  2. Dear Ray,

    There’s more and more allegations about your beligerent and vile behaviour emerging every week.

    But by trying to shift the blame from yourself by calling it your “former behaviour”
    was just as bad as blaming “mental health” for your arrogant, obnoxious and entilted
    corrupt son.

    Ray, people can take bad behaviour, but when you advocate for anti violence charities / causes,
    you sound like a sanctimonious hypocrite. Have you had any AVO’s taken out against you?

    Most broadcasters get their start by covering sports then move onto more important things,
    Ray you’re still at the same low level.

    Ray you’ve been doing this for 30 years, yet you don’t have any experience, how is that even possible?

    You’re just a greedy mouthpiece of the Govt.
    That’s how you won those fake awards and that’s all they are.

    People can be professional, while treating other people, like people.

    Once a bully always a bully.

    You and your son are cowards and bullies, then when you get called out for your atrocious behaviour
    you play the victim card.

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