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  1. Hadley is a weak coward and every one that has any connections with him knows that only too well, only good at attacking women and turns to jelly if confronted by a man, or even a strong woman and it appears his offspring are no better.

    • hadley has a reputation as a weak chicken hearted coward, most league players laugh when they hear about his bullying as they all know how weak he is, cant keep a wife thru his bullying style and his treatment of julia gilliard was disgusting but a strong woman would have no trouble handling him, just a pea heart that uses his position to intimidate staff., much like that old tart Jones another pea heart big girls blouse

  2. Dear Ray,

    There’s more and more allegations about your beligerent and vile behaviour emerging every week.

    But by trying to shift the blame from yourself by calling it your “former behaviour”
    was just as bad as blaming “mental health” for your arrogant, obnoxious and entilted
    corrupt son.

    Ray, people can take bad behaviour, but when you advocate for anti violence charities / causes,
    you sound like a sanctimonious hypocrite. Have you had any AVO’s taken out against you?

    Most broadcasters get their start by covering sports then move onto more important things,
    Ray you’re still at the same low level.

    Ray you’ve been doing this for 30 years, yet you don’t have any experience, how is that even possible?

    You’re just a greedy mouthpiece of the Govt.
    That’s how you won those fake awards and that’s all they are.

    People can be professional, while treating other people, like people.

    Once a bully always a bully.

    You and your son are cowards and bullies, then when you get called out for your atrocious behaviour
    you play the victim card.

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