ACCUSED LIBERAL PARTY PEDO TRIES & FAILS TO RUIN EASTER WITH LEGAL BURDENS! Alleged Liberal Party child rapist whinges & whines about True Crime articles to no avail

EXCLUSIVE: An accused child rapist who has worked at the highest levels for the Liberal Party, including for allegedly corrupt former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, tried to use the recent Easter holiday long weekend to intimidate True Crime News Weekly ahead of the resumption of their own court case over the alleged rapes of two children under the age of 10. Serkan Ozturk reports.

While ordinary people were busy looking forward to a long weekend with their families, an accused child rapist with decades-long links to the Liberal Party decided to instead use the recent Easter public holiday to send legal threats to True Crime News Weekly, threatening this esteemed publication with prison time in a miserable and wretched attempt to intimidate the media.

Despite facing the resumption on Thursday, April 21 of his own criminal trial in the NSW District Court over the rape of two children under the age of 10 over a period of over two years, the alleged paedophile rapist seemingly had enough time on his hands however to get his highly-priced legal team to dispatch whiny threats to this humble independent media outlet about two important articles published in the public interest 12 and six months ago.

The child rape offences for which the man is currently facing trial over were alleged to have been committed between July 1994 and December 1996 and only ended just before the man turned 18.

As such, for the moment, True Crime News Weekly can not publicly identify the man but his name is already well-known amongst political, business and media circles.

The man shares a close relationship with allegedly corrupt former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, having worked as a senior adviser for her for a number of years as well as other prominent politicians in the Liberal Party at both a state and federal level.

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The alleged child rapist instructed his well-heeled legal team from Sydney law firm Uther Webster & Evans to send the threats to True Crime News Weekly at 4pm, only an hour before close of business on the afternoon of Thursday, April 14, just ahead of the Easter holiday long weekend.

The accused child rapist claimed that two previous True Crime News Weekly articles published six months ago and almost one year ago identified him.

The emailed threat was signed off by Vivian Evans, the principal director of Uther Webster & Evans, while the legal firm’s criminal law director, Michael Hempsall, was also CCed into the message sent to True Crime News Weekly.

“We refer to two articles on your website … and potentially others,” the legal threat began.

“Our client is the subject of the articles. Our client was a child at the time of the alleged offences. Where a person was a child at the time of the alleged offences, publishing “material that identifies the person or is likely to lead to the identification of the person” “in a way that connects the person with criminal proceedings” is an offence punishable by up to 12 months imprisonment: Section 15C Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987 NSW.

“He is readily identified by the content of the articles … which we regard as confidential in breach of s 15A Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987 NSW.

“We formally demand that the articles and any related coverage be immediately removed from publication.”

The legal eagles from Uther Webster & Evans then gave True Crime News Weekly a ludicrous deadline of only one hour to remove the so-called offending articles.

Hempsall’s official bio on the Uther Webster & Evans website states he “has extensive experience with all types of criminal matters, both as an advocate and instructing solicitor” and that he “looks for practical solutions outside the usual court process wherever possible”. We do wonder if sending cowardly emailed threats on behalf of alleged child rapists to independent media outlets just an hour before a public holiday long weekend might perhaps be a part of those so-called “practical solutions” Mr Hempsall is supposedly fond of.

“Please take note that we would consider the publication of this correspondence as an offence in itself”: Vivian Evans warns True Crime News Weekly not to tell anyone about her firm’s cowardly legal threats sent on behalf of an alleged Liberal Party child rapist (Image: UWE / Supplied)

“Looks for practical solutions outside the usual court process wherever possible”: Michael Hempsall (Image: UWE / Supplied)

As reported exclusively by True Crime News Weekly almost one year ago, in May 2021, the senior adviser who worked closely with Berejiklian for two years between 2017-2019 had been charged by NSW Police in November 2020 with multiple counts of child rape over the prolonged sexual abuse of two children between the ages of 8 and 10.

Police had been investigating the serious criminal allegations against the longtime Liberal Party affiliated communications expert sometime since 2016. It still remains unclear why it took police almost five years to file charges against the man but some have suggested his connection to political power aided him.

The man’s wife has also been closely linked to Berejiklian for over a decade. So close is their relationship, that when the man abruptly left his position with Berejiklian’s office in early 2019, it was the man’s wife who almost immediately replaced him.

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One could say by proxy, the alleged child rapist still had an inside line to Berejiklian and for all intents and purposes never even left the office.

As police were finally circling, the man was then given $250,000 for a made-up fake job with the governmental infrastructure body, Transport for NSW. The six-month role the man was given at Transport for NSW until the end of 2019 had never before existed while the taxpayer funded job was never even advertised.

Forebodingly, the recent legal ultimatum sent by the alleged child rapist was signed off with one last ominous threat to True Crime News Weekly.

“Please take note that we would consider the publication of this correspondence as an offence in itself,” the alleged child rapist and his lawyers warned.

It is True Crime News Weekly’s honest belief that the cowardly legal threat was sent at the time that it was in a desperate attempt to manipulate the alleged child rapist’s ongoing trial proceedings. A feeble bid to get the media to do something stupid so as to halt the important child rape case on a technicality.

The man’s child rape trial commenced early last month on March 4, 2022 at the District Court in Sydney.

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The man had been committed to stand trial after an earlier hearing in July 2021, at the Manly Local Court.

It should also be noted that the legal threats sent by the alleged child rapist would likely be constituted by any court as being unreasonable in nature, coming as they did at 4pm on the afternoon of the beginning of the Easter Holiday long weekend. As such, the legal threats were knowingly sent by the alleged child rapist at a time when seeking independent legal advice would be difficult for True Crime News Weekly.

In any case, the articles will not be removed.

Rather than threatening True Crime News Weekly with “12 months imprisonment” for humbly and rightly reporting important matters in the public interest, we advise the alleged child rapist (and his highly-priced legal team) to instead concentrate on their own serious matters which may result in years and years and years of imprisonment. 

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