ACHTUNG! SIEG HEIL! Santa celebrates with kids & swastikas at “Fourth Reich” Christmas party in Australia

EXCLUSIVE: If he was making a list, he perhaps did not check it twice to see who has been naughty or nice after shocking photos reveal Santa Claus was the star attraction at a childrens’ Christmas party for a controversial Australian outlaw motorcycle gang which celebrates Nazi symbols and counts a “notorious paedophile” as a former member.

The photos which show Santa merrily mingling with children in front of swastikas have emerged from the Christmas party held on the NSW south coast this weekend for the Fourth Reich motorcycle gang.

Cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny were also present on the day to give Santa a hand in entertaining the mass of kids at the event in Albion Park, near Wollongong.

Photos show all three handing over Christmas gifts to children seated on Santa’s lap in front of Nazi swastikas and a large fluorescent sign complete with Nazi eagle declaring “Fourth Reich”.

Image: Snapchat (User: Skelly 卐卐 )
Image: Snapchat (User: Skelly 卐卐 )
Image: Snapchat (User: Skelly 卐卐 )

The photos emerged into the public gaze after radio host and former Big Brother housemate, Michael Beveridge, shared a story over Twitter on Sunday, December 17 about a female Snapchat user he had been following.

“I randomly have this girl on my Snapchat and her name is Skelly 卐卐 and she always just posted stories of her kids and other harmless shit.

“She didn’t look like a skinhead so I just assumed they were those Hindu swastika things right?”

“Now I knew racism was rampant in Australia but this is just fucking ridiculous,” Mr Beveridge commented.

“These are just kids and it’s so so so grim to see them just plonked in front and around this shit. And these are only photos. I’ve got no idea what’s being said.”

Mr Beveridge said he was now no longer following the user on Snapchat, who he claimed he was only following in the first place as he thought she was “vaguely hot”.

“So yeah some parents are the worst and I’ve unfollowed and blocked and the Fourth Reich baby tricycle club can get fucked. What a group of leather wearing cowards,” Mr Beveridge added.

It’s the second time in a matter of months the Fourth Reich motorcycle gang has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

In October, it was revealed “notorious paedophile” and former Fourth Reich member, Lester Mills, had attempted to set up  an online fundraising drive to appeal against a conviction of sexually abusing a girl under the age of 10 back in 2002. He had been sentenced to five years imprisonment for the offence.

Mr Mills was again jailed for almost three years this July for molesting a girl at his home in September 2015 and videotaping her while dressed in her school uniform.

Lester Mills
Former Fourth Reich member: Twice convicted child abuser and “notorious paedophile” Lester Mills (Supplied)


ACHTUNG! SIEG HEIL! Santa celebrates with kids & swastikas at  "Fourth Reich" Christmas party in Australia

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