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Melanie Coutts is a writer, researcher and visual artist. She has written for Magnetic Times, WL Press and co-authored, 'Cross Pacific Passion'.


    • They get away with it because voters expect and accept the corruption of the conservative class but totally reject even the slightest whiff from labor politicians, there were many more libs and nats involved with Eddy O`Beid than labor but only the labor ones went to jail or even got a mention, Arthue Sinodonis is a classic example, but I notice his near death experience with cancer has softened him some what, if there is a heaven then these self proclaim christian conservatives have less chance than a camel passing thru the eye of a needle has to get any type of heavenly reward, they`ll rot in hell with most of the various religous clergy and most politicians and media barons and the sooner the better I say.

  1. Im totally stunned..i suppose it takes a lot of power to bring them to justice..its just not happening…they know it and now it seems acceptable to brag about it…i lived in australia 53 yrs ..worked for govt 33yrs for peanuts…been locked up in immigration camps then exiled to NZ..cant work im in my 70’s..im told im an illegal alien….and look at billions and rorting those in power are doing..none of them will be locked up…a sick joke…

  2. It would be great if we could have another election soon. I think people have woken up to the big mistake that was made.

  3. Fantastic to have the all the major sins and corruption in one dossier. The LNP should all be jailed but sadly democracy has been eroded to nothing. thank you Malanie Coutts.

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