ALLY GOES NEO-NAZI SPAZZY! Kids entertainer & former punk rocker Alice McNamara unmasked as racist whacko extremist Nazi who hates “Jews, n*ggers, Ch*nks & Indians” but loves “diversity”

EXCLUSIVE: She was thought to be a quirky kids entertainer and former punk rocker but Melbourne musician, Alice McNamara, has been unmasked as a hateful Neo-Nazi who despises Jews as well as “Chinks and Indians and niggers” when all the while still hypocritically using slogans such as “diversity” to drum up money for her children’s music business. Serkan Ozturk reports.

Warning: This story includes extremist racism and bigotry.

Melbourne musician and children’s entertainer, Alice McNamara aka Ally Spazzy, has been revealed to be a proud Neo-Nazi who boasts of hating Jews as well as “Chinks and Indians and niggers”.

She has also been revealed to be a proud Covid-denier and anti-vaxxer.

The one-time drummer of the mid-2000s pop-punk band The Spazzys was unmasked as a fascist this week thanks to the brilliant and dogged work of anti-fascist research team, the White Rose Society.

McNamara’s beliefs have been enunciated over a prolonged period in chats on the social media messaging platform Telegram, which is favoured by groups that identify with the far-right.

Using the name ‘Mary Manson’, McNamara states in post after post how she is proud to be a racist fascist.

“I hate Jews and I hate niggers and I hate chinks,” McNamara writes in one message.

“They can exist I guess but I don’t have to lkke [sic] them.”

In another post, McNamara clearly revels in her racism.

“Chinks and Indians and niggers need to know their place,” she writes. “And btw they only respect racist white people anyway. They know we are superior to them to too. As long as we act like it.”

KiddyRock – the children’s music school and entertainment business McNamara founded and operates – has an apparent purpose and aim of being “committed to the care, safety and well being of all children”.

McNamara also claims on the KiddyRock website that her business runs on principles of “diversity” as well as “respect and empowerment”.

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“We strongly believe all children have the right to feel happy, safe and empowered. A culture of respect and support is understood and accepted by everyone at Kiddyrock. We treat all children with respect as well as our staff and volunteers,” KiddyRock’s website spiel reads.


“We value diversity and invite children from all cultural and family backgrounds to our music classes, performances and events.  We are committed to providing an accessible and safe environment and welcome children with a disability.”

KiddyRock claims to “value diversity” from “all cultural and family backgrounds” but its founder, Alice McNamara aka Ally Spazzy, is a proud Neo-Nazi who boasts of hating Jews as well as “Chinks and Indians and niggers” (Image: Supplied)

Despite those publicly stated aims, McNamara in private was instead sickened that lesbian parents were sending their children to her music school.

“Got told off by a dyke mum at work for assuming her kid had a dad,” McNamara wrote in one message.

“I hope she doesn’t come back. Do these progressive cunts have any idea how unlikable they are?

“The more I think about yhe [sic] more I wonder if I should just come out and say straights only. We enforce traditional gender roles.”

Although being a proud Neo-Nazi, McNamara was like many other racists who are also fond of casually appropriating the culture of others when it suits, usually when it’s time to make some money for themselves.

In recent times, McNamara had created the kid’s party band, Ally Boom Boom and the Cool Bananas which she described as being like a “Super Kawaii Kids Pop Show”.

Kawaii is a Japanese term for cute and quirky.

It is believed McNamara ventured into the world of Neo-Nazism before then becoming a prolific proponent of its horrid and warped ideology sometime over the past five years.



McNamara’s former bandmates in The Spazzys – twin sisters Kat and Lucy Ljubicic – have released a statement condemning McNamara’s fascist and racist views.

“Ally’s views had become increasingly odd, irrational and conspiratorial over recent years, indeed, that is the reason why The Spazzys have not been able to play together for some time,” Kat Ljubicic wrote on Instagram.

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“We are shocked and saddened to now discover that she is alleged to have been anonymously posting in support of Neo Nazi beliefs.

“Lucy … and I condemn such views in the strongest possible terms. They are abominable and offensive to us. They do not reflect the attitude and character of the band either before or after Ally was a member.”

As The Spazzys, the trio’s first three singles released between April 2004 and February 2005 all charted and the band would end up playing as the local Melbourne support act for a number of high-profile visiting bands including The Buzzcocks, The Datsuns, The D4, Gerling and Blondie.

True Crime News Weekly attempted to contact McNamara for this story but she has disconnected her mobile phone number. Many of her social media channels had also been pulled down in recent days.

– UPDATE: Soon after the publication of this story, Alice McNamara aka Ally Spazzy, also deleted the website for her children’s music school and entertainment business KiddyRock

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