ANGUS TAYLOR FORGERY REVELATIONS! Senior media adviser & old family friend alleged to have okayed fake document to attack Clover Moore and Minister knows all about it

EXCLUSIVE: He’s the minister with the smug, near-punchable private schoolboy face who seemingly has his finger in as many pies as he can while claiming to represent his constituents. But embattled Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, is now facing serious questions of just how low the ethics in his own office are, and whether a crime may have been committed with his knowledge, or indeed he is now covering up for an old family friend. Serkan Ozturk reports.

It’s the forged document that emanated from the office of Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, and is now at the centre of an apparent investigation by NSW Police. Already worried about the possible implications and repercussions, the always-sneaky Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, stupidly admitted in Federal Parliament this week that he’s had a chat to the NSW Police Commissioner, Mick Fuller, in a bid to claim that ‘there’s nothing to see here, folks’. It’s the archetypal move of a bully afraid of the truth being brought to light.

On Tuesday, November 26, it was reported that NSW Police are investigating a possible crime having been committed by Minister Taylor, or someone within his office, following the creation of an alleged forged document that was handed to friendly Liberal Party idolising idiots at News Corp and used to attack the Sydney lord mayor, Clover Moore, a couple months ago this year.

Under the NSW Crimes Act, it is an offence to fail to bring information about the condition of a forgery designed to influence public duty to the attention of the New South Wales Police. The Labor Party had referred the scandal to police for possible investigation about a month ago.

Taylor’s office had provided a document to the Daily Telegraph in late September which was said to have come from the City of Sydney council’s website, and claimed to show council staff had spent a whopping $15m-plus on domestic and international travel in one year alone.

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The Daily Terror, doing the shitty job it almost always does, never checked the veracity of the document despite being told it was false, and ended up running a stupid story harassing their nemesis in Ms Moore to please their Liberal paymasters.

But the annual report on the Council’s webpage actually shows councillors only spent $4,206.32 on interstate travel and a paltry $1,727.77 on overseas visits. The mayor’s staff also provided metadata evidence to show that the same report had been unaltered since it was first uploaded in 2018.

A month later, in the last week of October, after media first reported on the possible forgery, Taylor issued a statement claiming he had accessed the document from the council’s website, and that bizarrely he had evidence that various versions of the annual report existed at a number of points in time since they were first uploaded in 2018.

However, just a few days later, on October 31, Taylor issued issued an unreserved apology to the Mayor, while still claiming his office downloaded the document from the City of Sydney’s website.

Smugly near-punchable face that is now under police investigation: Energy Minister Angus Taylor (Image: Wikipedia)

From that point on though, Taylor has refused to answer questions in Parliament or from journalists about the matter. Who was responsible for the document? How was it created? Who checked it, and gave it the final okay?

With a whirling maelstrom surrounding Taylor and his office, it’s perhaps the appropriate time for True Crime News Weekly to wade into these choppy political waters.


With the Minister not answering questions and a Prime Minister trying to pre-emptively influence a police investigation by sidling up to his high-up mates, this publication will once again provide the public with the knowledge and transparency they seek. A task which grows more difficult each day and night thanks to this shadowy government and its propensity for cover-ups.

Information received by True Crime News Weekly suggests Minister Taylor’s long-term media and communications adviser, Sarah Bucknell, was intimately involved in the process of okaying the alleged forged document.

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Ms Bucknell is married to Doug Bucknell, who has been friends with Taylor since their jolly private schoolboy days at the prestigious King’s School in Sydney.

The two had much in common, even back then. Both were boarders having come from families based in the country.

Ms Bucknell has been friends with Taylor and his wife, Louise, for almost 30 years.

Sarah Bucknell: Angus Taylors senior media and communications adviser has also been a family friend for close to 30 years (Photo: Chris Gordon / Supplied)

The Minister nor his office would respond to numerous requests for comment. They were provided with a number of opportunities to issue denials about the allegations, or even send a cease and desist order and threaten defamation if that is what they wanted to do.

True Crime News Weekly had asked whether the Minister himself or any of his staff would be resigning over the growing scandal.

Instead, we have heard nothing. Just silence. Eerily similar to the silence that surrounded the Barnaby Joyce Scandal, our ye olde Bonking Beetroot.

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As history and folklore will acknowledge, if not the media class and its Walkley Awards, True Crime News Weekly began revealing the truth of those matters a full four or five months before the cover-up and corporate propaganda merchants that infest the boring open plan offices of this nation’s larger media organisations bothered to do their jobs.

Thank goodness at least The Guardian has in this instance been following up on these matters surrounding Minister Taylor in a very diligent fashion. If only more had similar gumption.

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Indeed, Taylor has seemingly lurched from one scandal to a lie to another scandal in recent months and years. There was Watergate. That was the one where dear Angus denied having anything to do with the shady sell-off of $80 million worth of water to a company set up in a West Indies tax haven. Then Grassgate. That’s the one where old mate Angus has denied having anything to do with the illegal clearing of grasslands at Jam Land farm. And now with the forgery, Clovergate. Again, our dear brave son Angus denying he had anything to do with any forgery.

True Crime News Weekly sought comment from the City of Sydney Council about a week ago. But with a police investigation now underway, understandably they will not comment on the matters.




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