“WHAT SORT OF FAMILY MAN WOULDN’T CARE ABOUT CHILD ABUSE”?! Grandma SLAMS ScoMo for ignoring NSW Police & Child Services failings

EXCLUSIVE: True Crime News Weekly has been given extensive insight into a serious child abuse case which demonstrates seeming negligence by a range of government institutions. However, all related institutions have failed to act in a case which has been going on for over eight years. Now, a grandmother speaks out and is blaming Prime Minister Scott Morrison for ignoring her. Aidan Satz investigates.


MISINFORMATION, CONTRADICTION, PLAGIARISM! Channel 9 is at it again with a KING hit on truth

EXCLUSIVE: Mainstream media outlets are at the centre of a plagiarism storm, with a group of local amateur sleuths who have spent years looking into the notorious unsolved Mr Cruel case in Melbourne going public with claims their extensive research has been allegedly stolen by an American law enforcement consultant. Mike King has now received widespread acclaim for providing a “major breakthrough” by the likes of Channel 9 and News Corp despite making a range of basic errors regarding the case. Aidan Satz investigates.