RANGERS GREATS FAILED TO TELL POLICE ABOUT NEELY ABUSE! Walter Smith and Graeme Souness implicated in cover-up over paedophile “super scout” Gordon Neely

EXCLUSIVE: Scottish football icons, Walter Smith and Graeme Souness, are alleged to have purposely failed to alert police to paedophile “super scout”, Gordon Neely, after the legendary Rangers management team became aware of sexual abuse claims against their friend while they were all at the club. Neely would then go on to abuse more boys for at least another decade. Gary Johnston reports.


THE UGLY SIDE OF THE BEAUTIFUL GAME! Celtic FC & Rangers to travel to Australia for football tour as child sexual abuse claims linger in Scotland

EXCLUSIVE: They are arguably Scotland’s two biggest institutions: Celtic FC and Glasgow Rangers. And six months from now, the two football clubs will bring their storied and intense rivalry to Australia for the very first time. Yet, hidden deep within that history of the Old Firm is a horrid decades-long tale of organised paedophile rings amongst youth football coaches. Now, ahead of the Australian tour to take place in November, families of the victims of child sexual abuse have spoken out and are livid that their experiences continue to be whitewashed and sports-washed. Gary Johnston reports.


PRINCE ANDREW FOR GOVERNOR-GENERAL! You know it makes (non)sense

The formerly honourable Prince Andrew is on the lookout for a new job after being stripped of his military roles and royal titles this week and no longer able to use the moniker “his Royal Highness”. It comes on the back of a US court ruling that found he could be sued for sexual abuse over his connections to elite child sex traffickers, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Surely he’d make a fine candidate for Australia’s next Governor-General, suggests Gary Johnston.


‘FALL GUY’ FOLEY’S OFFICE MILLIONS! Vic Health Minister Martin Foley sells property for over $1 million its reserve to RoboDebt guy Rodney Kagan just weeks before Dan Andrews gives multi-million dollar Covid contract

EXCLUSIVE: The sale of an office premises belonging to Victoria’s Health Minister, Martin Foley, for more than $1 million over its reserve before a public auction to the big boss of a call centre who was coincidentally then handed a cushy $20 million-plus government contract just weeks later by Premier Dan Andrews’ state Labor government has raised all sorts of curious questions. Gary Johnston reports.