The Secret Diary of Ange – Volume One: The Malaka Files

SATIRE: Australia’s greatest ever football manager, Ange Postecoglou, has joined the world’s greatest football team – well, according to the one-eyed fans of Glasgow Celtic FC anyways – and befitting such an occasion the great man has also decided to begin penning a regular column for True Crime News Weekly to detail all his exploits in all their glory.


“I’D BE LYING IF I DIDN’T SAY IT WAS A POSSIBILITY”! Footballer Andy Woodward talks about paedophile rings in sport & surviving evil coach Barry Bennell

INTERVIEW: How does a victim survive child sexual abuse? Do they? Can they? These questions and many others are at the core of Andy Woodward’s breathtakingly honest memoir, ‘Position of Trust’, telling the horrific story of his years of abuse at the hands of Barry Bennell, an English football coach whose victims number in the hundreds, if not thousands. Gary Johnston with this interview and book review.



Director Martin Scorsese reunites with old buddies Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel and an out-of-retirement Joe Pesci for one last hurrah making a masterpiece of a gangster film. Gary Johnston with this review of ‘The Irishman’.


SCOTLAND’S FOOTBALL ABUSE SCANDAL ON BRINK OF EXPLODING! Questions raised over organised paedophile rings who went from club to club raping boys

EXCLUSIVE: Scotland’s football abuse scandal is expected to explode with more details coming out that some coaches perhaps acted together in an organised paedophile ring, being moved on from club to club after raping and molesting young boys with big dreams of being professional footballers, writes Gary Johnston.