SCOTLAND’S FOOTBALL ABUSE SCANDAL ON BRINK OF EXPLODING! Questions raised over organised paedophile rings who went from club to club raping boys

EXCLUSIVE: Scotland’s football abuse scandal is expected to explode with more details coming out that some coaches perhaps acted together in an organised paedophile ring, being moved on from club to club after raping and molesting young boys with big dreams of being professional footballers, writes Gary Johnston.


CONSPIRACY OR COVER UP? Prince Andrew and his decades-long friendship with paedophile pimp mate Jeffrey Epstein

It’s the kind of story involving wealthy elites and claims of global paedophilia that most right-thinking people would have considered a conspiracy theory but with each day it seems there’s more murky details concerning Prince Andrew’s long friendship with the now-dead convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, writes Gary Johnston.


CHILD SEX ABUSE COVER-UP RATTLES ‘CULT’ OF SCOTTISH FOOTBALL! Fans harass families of abuse victims in extension of never-ending Old Firm derby between Celtic & Rangers

SCOTLAND: Families of child sexual abuse victims say their efforts in calling for the truth to be heard have been hampered by one-eyed football fans who see their plight as just yet another extension of the never-ending Old Firm derby between Celtic FC and their bitter rivals, Glasgow Rangers.


LAWYER! LIAR! Pants on Fire

ANALYSIS: With a number of recent high-profile scandals involving practitioners of the law, should we even trust lawyers in the first place? Gary Johnston doesn’t hold back and tells us what he really thinks.


COPS FINALLY CIRCLING AROUND “OILY DOYLEY”! The sleaze from former Melbourne mayor Robert Doyle nears a criminal stench

EXCLUSIVE: With reports Victoria Police are finally putting together a criminal case against sleazy former Melbourne lord mayor, Robert Doyle, True Crime News Weekly can now reveal that at least one of the complaints involves an underage victim. While other former students of Geelong College are now also preparing a class action against some of their teachers, including the former Liberal Party leader they knew as “Oily Doyley”.


FOOTBALL CLUB HOME TO SOCCEROOS STARS UNMASKED AS HAVEN FOR CHILD SEX OFFENDERS! Celtic left reeling as decades long cover-up finally revealed

SCOTLAND: With a long storied history that is the envy of most, Glasgow Celtic remains one of world football’s most enduring symbols with a passionate fan base to be found all across the world, including Australia. It is also, of course, the club that is home to Socceroos stars, Tom Rogic and Daniel Arzani. But now, Celtic finds itself in the midst of explosive revelations the club covered up for and enabled child sex offenders for decades, with even legendary manager Jock Stein playing a part in not calling police despite the abuse of dozens of young boys.


GOING TO HELL! Found guilty of hideous crimes this week but media banned from revealing truth about high-profile Australian criminal with mass following

ANALYSIS: One of Australia’s highest profile individuals with a worldwide reputation and a mass following has this week been found guilty of committing awful, heinous crimes. While several overseas media publications are now reporting the news, the nation’s local media is forbidden from revealing even the barest of details in what is one of the biggest outcomes in Australian criminal legal history. True Crime News Weekly’s Melbourne correspondent, Gary Johnston, reports on this travesty of open justice in the digital age.