“THERE WERE GIRLS THERE NOW”! School’s out for sleazy former mayor as Geelong College admits it failed victims of child sexual abuse when Robert Doyle was a teacher there in 1970s

EXCLUSIVE: Victoria’s prestigious Geelong College has finally admitted it had a major problem with child sexual abuse in the 1970s just as the future mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, joined its teaching staff. True Crime News Weekly can also now reveal that one of the main reasons Doyle had come to the school was because, in his own words, he knew “there were girls there now”. Our Melbourne correspondent, Gary Johnston, reports.


“OILY DOYLEY”! On the trail of the not-so-lonesome Robert Doyle

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Doyle resigned earlier this year as Melbourne’s lord mayor after a flurry of sexual harassment complaints against him became public. Since then, he’s kept a low profile and the allegations against him have seemingly gone nowhere due to the Liberal Party heavyweight’s apparent ill health. Our Melbourne correspondent, Gary Johnston, takes a look at just how sick Robert Doyle truly is, as well as persisting claims he took advantage of young female students under his care when a teacher in the 1970s.


CRIME CULTURE: Border Politics

Is hate, fear and ignorance the new Australian way? Or, are present-day fears around asylum seekers and refugees an undying ember of an even darker past? True Crime News Weekly correspondent Gary Johnston takes a look at the new documentary film, Border Politics.


CRIME CULTURE: Chappaquiddick

The art of the political cover-up is explored in fine detail in the historical thriller Chappaquiddick, with the film raising important questions on the way powerful elites view ordinary people as expendable. Gary Johnston takes a look for True Crime News Weekly.


FINALLY OUTED! Sordid, sleazy life of Liberal heavyweight Robert ‘Piggy’ Doyle an open secret amongst Melbourne elite & media for years

EXCLUSIVE: In the first part of a special investigation, True Crime News Weekly takes a look at why long accused sexual predators such as Liberal Party heavyweight Robert Doyle are allowed to get away with their alleged misconduct and possible crimes for so long, even in the face of a litany of complaints stretching back 40 years and involving claims of sexual abuse against schoolgirls and the alleged drugging of women. Our Melbourne correspondent Gary Johnston reports.


JUSTICE FOR ALL? Not in Australia, mate

EXCLUSIVE: What’s it like to be an Indigenous person caught up in Australia’s justice system where it’s 16 times more likely you will be imprisoned than a white fella? True Crime News Weekly correspondent Gary Johnston takes a look at just another day in the life of Karratha Magistrates Court.


COVER UP! The dark past of disgraced Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle in “The Valley of the Dolls”

EXCLUSIVE: Having recently resigned as lord mayor of Melbourne following a number of sexual harassment claims, it can now be revealed that Liberal Party heavyweight Robert Doyle once got a teenage girl to sign a confidentiality agreement after she was sexually harassed by another sleazy politician who made crude remarks to her in person and over the phone.


CRIME CULTURE: Den of Thieves

This is the first instalment of a new regular series from True Crime News Weekly looking at ‘crime’ in the media and across pop culture. We’ll investigate how realistic it is, how accurate it is, and how good it is. The first to come under our gaze is the newly released American heist film, Den of Thieves.


TRUE OPINION: Melbourne’s House of Card-Board

Real, successful criminals – scoundrels who’d happily divest you of your possessions in the most pitiless manner imaginable – rarely carry bags marked ‘swag’, and have their faces covered by a stocking mask. These days, crooks wear suits, have letters after their name and, to all extents and purposes, purport to be respected members of the community. Nowhere is this more evident than in real estate development.