TRUE OPINION: Bonking Beetroot Barnaby Joyce Back Again Is Peak Bogan Australia!

Beloved by readers of True Crime News Weekly everywhere, Barnaby Joyce has once again returned as leader of the Nationals Party this week just a little over three years after the alleged serial sexual harasser and toxic drunkard was booted out as the nation’s deputy prime minister, partly thanks to investigative reporting by this humble website. Kieran Butler tries to make sense of it all.


TRUE OPINION: I’m going to become a racist wanker politician like the rest of them. Hear me out…

In a controversial and perhaps wholly cynical take on the Australian voting populace and humanity-at-large, satirist Kieran Butler says he intends to run as an Independent at the next federal election against Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and defeat the Liberal National Party by using the kind of racist tactics and bigoted dumbed-down slogans that seemingly always allow them to win government.