KENEALLY’S DIRTY LIBERAL LAUNDY! Sacked Labor adviser Pierce Field speaks out over text messages to billionaire Liberal pub bloke Craig Laundy that Senator Kristina Keneally fired him for as ScoMo’s right-hand man Yaron Finkelstein threatens to sue True Crime over allegations of ‘sexual inappropriateness’

EXCLUSIVE: It’s a political scandal crossing party lines rocking Canberra. Caught in between: a young, idealistic adviser sacked by Labor senator, Kristina Keneally, over a text message about a friend’s torrid relationship built on false notions with the former high-profile Liberal MP and billionaire pub baron, Craig Laundy. But the secret affair has now also sensationally led to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s right-hand man, Yaron Finkelstein, issuing threats of defamation against True Crime News Weekly for daring to report allegations of ‘sexual inappropriateness’ and this very story in the public interest. This investigation by Matilda Duncan.