THE FAR RIGHT FEMBOT FILES! Leaked Border Force notes raise more questions about what the f*ck Lauren Southern is doing in Australia & her supposed announcement “quitting” White Supremacy

EXCLUSIVE: Just how exactly did Lauren Southern – the far-right White Supremacist darling and Sky News ‘media celebrity’ – successfully get past Border Force to gain entry from Canada to Australia last year despite a personal history full of extremist racist rhetoric used to divide communities and stoke violence? Tom Tanuki with this investigation.


AVO AVI & NEIL ERIKSON FAIL FOR THE FAR RIGHT! Nationalist pests tried to provoke Invasion Day into violence, and failed … here’s why

MELBOURNE: A couple of Australia’s most obnoxious far-right ‘criminal celebrities’ and their mates tried to troll the 200,000 strong crowd that gathered to mark Invasion Day last weekend. And ended up failing miserably. Anti-fascist tracker, Tom Tanuki, was there to witness it go down and breaks down what it all meant.