ISRAEL OR AUSTRALIA? The Liberal Party’s Obsession with Zionism

EXCLUSIVE: Are accusations of anti-Semitism being weaponised by certain political parties to tar their opponents? True Crime News Weekly hit the streets of the blue-ribbon electorate of Wentworth in Sydney’s east to take a look at claims that Zionism has been consistently used by the Liberal party in attempts to secure the Jewish vote, whether the Jewish vote actually matters, and how annoying it is that we have to speak about Zionism every local election. Yael Grunseit investigates.


“THE GREAT FEMALE IMPERSONATOR”! The forgotten “extraordinary” tale of “pseudo woman” Gordon Lawrence: one of modern Australia’s first queer folk heroes

EXCLUSIVE: In 1888, in front of 20,000 people, 21-year-old Gordon Lawrence caused a riot after being arrested in the middle of Melbourne for “female impersonation”. It’s a forgotten Australian true crime tale that is likely to become a modern day sensation and perhaps may even create ‘new’ queer heroes for today’s generation. Yael Grunseit with this investigation into gender, sex, transgression and art.