BACK FROM THE DEAD! SX Magazine rises under new owner who earlier this year wrote about stealing from his own ‘dead stepmother’

EXCLUSIVE: A young, wannabe media entrepreneur who just over a month ago wrote about stealing millions of dollars worth of assets from his ‘dead stepmother’ is the proud new owner of the disgraced LGBTQI media title, SX Magazine.

Sydney resident, Bodie McCarthy Jensen, is the new owner of SX Magazine which went under in a sea of financial corruption that captured its previous owners, Evo Media aka Evolution Publishing, almost two years ago.

The publication had laid dormant for the better part of 24 months after the magazine’s previous owners, Mark Christopher Anthony and Dean Anthony Bell, had left a trail of debts and financial destruction in their wake. It is believed they owed employees, suppliers and others over one million dollars. Along with SX Magazine and other print titles the couple had also owned other well-known queer media titles such as the web forum SameSame and Gay News Network.

It was alleged the pair were alleging to undertake another phoenix scam, with the romantic and business couple having miraculously transformed their ailing Evolution Publishing company in early 2013 into the apparently different Evo Media company. That time, the pair got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid debts.

The next time in mid-2017, the couple’s plans were hampered – partly thanks to reporting by True Crime News Weekly and eventually ASIC stepped in while the Federal Court also personally bankrupted Mr Anthony on behalf of a printing company. Mr Bell is reported to have ten escaped intersate, to Queensland, partly in a bid to escape creditors and court orders allowing for his wages to be automatically garnished. Mr Bell had been working as a delivery driver for a meat company in Sydney’s south after his delusions of media grandeur had well and truly flamed out. Mr Anthony, meanwhile, continues to reside in a $2 million apartment listed in his elderly mother’s name in Sydney’s exclusive Potts Point.

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True Crime News Weekly has been sporadically following the travails and exploits of all those involved ever since our first exclusive report about the widespread longterm financial shenanigans behind the scenes of SX Magazine in April 2017.

Earlier this month for the grand total of just $24 the magazine – well, at least its web domain and some associated social media accounts – finally fell into new fresh ownership. That’s where Bodie McCarthy Jensen steps in.

“I had an alarm set on my phone for when the domain name expired and that’s how I ended up with SX a couple weeks ago,” he tells True Crime News Weekly.

“I ended up also getting the Twitter and Instagram accounts as I started getting emails related to them when I got the email address working and online again.

Jensen, who has now taken over the domain for SX Magazine ( as well as its Twitter and Instagram accounts, is the founder of the Gay Media Network Australia start-up.

According to his LinkedIn account, Mr Jensen launched the “new niche media company” in February 2018.

“We believe there is a simple approach for businesses wanting to reach out to the LGBTQI audience in Australia,” he writes on LinkedIn.

Many of the sites operated by Mr Jensen under his Gay Media Network Australia banner seem to be just front pages. He is its only employee, with records indicated the company is not registered for GST, suggesting it earns less than $70,000 per annum.

Speaking to True Crime News Weekly, Jensen says the domain for SX Magazine is just one of about 600 domains he has purchased over the past year. He believes with the crumbling of queer media empires such as Evo Media that there now exists an “opportunity” in the space.

“I spent a year or so teaching myself SEO, blogging, Google Analytics and all that kind of stuff,” he explains over the phone.

“I’ve been living off my savings. Prior to this I worked in corporate sales but when I saw what was happening to the gay scene and online I couldn’t just sit back and watch anymore.

“I quit my job and dedicated all my time into building this new community – Gay Media Network Australia.”

Jensen also wants to make it clear he has absolutely nothing to do with either of SX Magazine’s previous owners.

“What Mark Anthony and Dean Bell did to all those employees let alone everyone else in the community was horrible,” he says. “Absolutely horrible.

“It was really sad for me to read on Facebook that ex-journalists from the Gay News Network believed all their hard work was now gone and lost forever.

“Well, hopefully with their permission I can change all that – all those ‘deleted and lost’ articles can be republished just like it was and recognition given to those who wrote the articles – at the end of the day these are the real people who built SameSame and the Gay News Network.”

Among Jensen’s burgeoning web media titles, only Gay Daily could be said to have even minimal content. Most of it is largely centred on tacky pop culture offerings. In all that dross though are some truly golden rant-like posts written by Jensen.

BACK FROM THE DEAD! SX Magazine rises under new owner who earlier this year wrote about stealing from his own 'dead stepmother'

The new front page of SX Magazine’s website (Image: Supplied)

In one of them he rambles at length in a slightly unhinged diatribe against feminist author Clementine Ford; where he accuses her of plagiarism seemingly largely on the basis the title of one of her books, Boys Will Be Boys, is the same as that of another written a few decades ago.

“It’s not just the book’s title,” Jensen tells True Crime News Weekly. “Weirdly enough, even the copyright pages of both books are set out in a really similar way. I contacted the publisher because some of the chapters look pretty similar, with headings and the like.”

Asked to expand on his views about women and feminism, Jensen says his issue lies more with ideas of controversy rather than ideology.

“I don’t hate all feminists or anything like that,” Jensen says. “I just think that people like Clementine exist to provoke outrage and make money from that. And I don’t like that.”

Interestingly enough, there are actual credible claims of plagiarism against Ford which have been made out by her former Fairfax (now Nine) freelance colleague, author Ruby Hamad. Hamad had alleged Ford had published an article in the Daily Life section of Fairfax, which was largely sourced from an article she had binned. This eventually led to all kinds of fallout with Hamad, the alleged victim of plagiarism, being blacklisted by Fairfax. Ford herself no longer writes for Nine, having left in acrimonious circumstances after referring to Prime Minister Scott Morrison as a “fuckwit”. True Crime News Weekly has previously published a well-read story labelling Morrison a “dickhead”. We stand by our reporting.

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Back to Mr Jensen though. As this man is someone who deserves at least a bit of the attention, too.

In perhaps one of the more stranger pieces to be found on a supposed gay pop culture site is a denunciation Jensen has posted against his own dead stepmother, in which he admits he stole millions of dollars of her assets after she died.

The piece, bemusingly, commences ostensibly as a tribute to Jensen’s recently deceased father. Quickly, however, it degenerates into a bitter rageful blast against a dead woman.

The article is titled: ‘Shit, what if she left dad out of her will‘.

At its very end Mr Jensen claims “parts of this article are fictional”.

How much so, we had to ask.

“I wrote this article because I knew my dad would enjoy it and make him laugh. It was written on Australia Day, the day my father passed away,” Jensen explains.

“The ‘step mother’ in question is still well and truly alive and no I didn’t take her Danish arm chairs or anything else.”


When asked specifically what possessed him to write and post such a bizarre story as an article on a news site, he says there’s a “very simple” reason for that.

“She was and I imagine still is a c*nt,” he says.

“You can probably tell from some of my articles on Gay Daily – most need grammar and spelling edits.

“I’m not a journalist or professional blogger so sometimes editing one article post to make sure it is properly optimised for Google and interesting to read could take me three hours, but I enjoy it now so I guess it was all worth it.”

We must pay the imaginative Jensen some tribute though.

In another post on Gay Daily he congratulates our journalism here at True Crime News Weekly for revealing the corrupt practices involving ACON (AIDS Council of NSW) and Evo Media – the previous owners of SX Magazine.

“Your reporting really opened my eyes to a lot of things and how things have worked in gay media in the past,” Jensen says this week.

SX, SameSame, Gay News Network, and the others helped a lot of people, especially the younger LGBTQI community. All they have now is the Star Observer and Grindr. This doesn’t sit well with me, young gay kids thinking they need to look or act a certain way to fit in, that they can’t talk to other gay guys without it leading to sex. When SX, SameSame, and GNN went down with all its other sites Australia lost a whole online community, a safe community.”

BACK FROM THE DEAD! SX Magazine rises under new owner who earlier this year wrote about stealing from his own 'dead stepmother'

Bodie McCarthy Jensen, the new owner of SX Magazine’s website (Image: LinkedIn / Supplied)

When pressed on his future plans for SX Magazine, Jensen admits for the next six months at least he will be doing almost all the work on it himself. Eventually, he thinks his posts and audience numbers across his network of queer related web domains will attract sponsors.

Ideally, he says, he’d also like for a sense of community to come back to the gay media world.

“They say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ which is true – but on the other hand I’ve been secretly building my LGBTQI Rome for the last year,” Jensen says.

“I’ve had a plan in place since February 2018, but it has taken time. I had no experience in this industry at all so it has been an interesting experience. Learning to build websites, SEO, social media advertising, creative content, Google AdWords / Analytics and online advertising in general.”

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Most of that ‘learning’ has been transferred to Jensen’s main site, Gay Daily.

Gay Daily was my first ‘test site’ to see if my coding on WordPress worked correctly. Thank god it did, but to be honest I’d rather have sex with Scott Morrison than do coding,” he laughs.

“Then of course as you know there is content, SEO aspects, social and all the rest – including being relevant to your audience.”

The budding young media proprietor tells True Crime News Weekly he has big plans for SX if all works out well.

“I currently have over 600 domains (websites) waiting to be launched to be part of the new GMNA network, but I want to make sure security wise everything is up to scratch, I don’t want people subscribing then the website getting hacked,” Jensen says.

“Once I have finished learning and implementing all the security technicalities all the sites will go live at once – overnight.”

Jensen also happens to be the operator of a few Facebook pages targeting local inner-city audiences in Sydney. One of which is Oxford Street Local – where he has over 7,000 followers. Many of the posts link back to content run under his suite of titles, mostly Gay Daily. Interestingly, followers there had panned the article on Ford’s so-called plagiarism as a poorly written rant when a link was posted to it on Facebook. One person even summed it up as “toxic”.




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  1. My IVR business used to advertise extensively in SX News and its partner LGBT+ publications, so I was sorry to hear of the collapse of yet another Australian queer media conglomerate. Lying about robbing his ‘late’ stepmother certainly bodes an inauspicious beginning for Jensen, but I wish him well, and hope he can deal with the very new challenges and opportunities, presented by contemporary digital media.

    • Hey Derek, lol yes I really should have written an “About Me” page… that’s just my odd and sometimes off sense of humour 😉 I hope you didn’t loose any money etc – P.S I’ve looked up IVR and I keep getting an unusual back-to-the-future phone system? Is it music related? I can play the piano! well now my fingers are too fat actually lol B @sxnews

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