BANNED, LIQUIDATED & NOW BANKRUPTED! Disgraced gay media capo Mark Christopher Anthony falls foul of Federal Court while moonlighting as ‘fake lawyer’

EXCLUSIVE: He was the shonky media boss who left a trail of debts in the wake of his dodgy phoenix companies and financial scams, which included ripping off dozens of employees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in government funds for over a decade. But just last month, the noose got tighter for former SameSame and SX Magazine owner, Mark Christopher Anthony, as the Federal Court officially declared him bankrupted. All over an unpaid printing bill. True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, reports.

Just under $9,000 was all it took for disgraced gay media tycoon, Mark Christopher Anthony, to go from reviled scumbag to a bankrupted reviled scumbag.

Mid-last month, on October 15, the Federal Court ordered that an overdue bill of $8,789.80 owed to Sydney-based printing company, SOS Print & Media Group, was the personal responsibility of the banned company director.

Having stymied and eluded efforts to pay up for so long, the former SX Magazine and SameSame owner was now going to be forced to do so by the courts.

In a hearing in Sydney in front of Registrar Segal, the Federal Court ordered that “the estate of MARK ANTHONY be sequestrated under the Bankruptcy Act 1966“.

Further, the court then ordered “the Applicant Creditor’s cost fixed in the sum of $8,789.80 be paid from the estate of the Respondent Debtor in accordance with the Bankruptcy Act 1966“.

The court also noted the “date of the act of bankruptcy” against Mr Anthony had actually been successfully made out a few months earlier, on 15 May 2018.


Along with its sister company in Brisbane, SOS Print & Media Group is considered to be Australia’s largest digital print on demand provider. Founded in 1976 by Michael Peel, Bob Gardner and Andy von Faber-Castell, SOS now has a turnover of over $30 million per year and employs over 120 people.

It seems the company, though, finally had enough of Mr Anthony’s shit, so to speak.

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Mr Anthony’s media empire came burning down in April 2017 following a series of exclusive investigations by True Crime News Weekly which unveiled long running frauds, rorts and scams perpetrated by Evo Media and its predecessor, Evolution Publishing, going back over a decade.

The companies were operated by Mr Anthony and his recently departed romantic partner, Dean Anthony Bell. Following the demise of Evo Media, Mr Bell for a short while worked as a delivery driver for a meat company in Sydney’s south, before he decided to abruptly run off to Queensland after a court ordered in favour of a creditor that his weekly wages be garnished over unpaid rental bills owed by Evo Media.

The Federal Court notice confirming “the estate of MARK ANTHONY be sequestrated under the Bankruptcy Act” (Image: Supplied)

The bankruptcy notice and court action against Mr Anthony comes as True Crime News Weekly has been alerted to wild reports of the banned company director posing as a practicing lawyer in a dispute over a dead man’s will.

It has been alleged that Mr Anthony has been representing the deceased man’s ex-wife in a bitter legal dispute, after the man left all his property and other assets to his two daughters.

As part of the dispute, True Crime News Weekly has been informed Mr Anthony has reverted to his dubious talent of sending threatening shake-down letters.

“Mark Christopher Anthony on behalf of the ex-wife has begun to send threatening and demanding letters that to any normal person with a valid will would appear to be outrageous,” our source informed us.

“The bottom line is, this ‘lawyer’ is supporting the erroneous keeping of property outlined in the will as belonging to the beneficiaries as well as making outrageous and threatening claims for the return of property already received by the beneficiaries.”

In February, it was revealed the former high-flying media magnate was sending serious sounding legal threats to a number of suburban Melbourne businesses in a bid to cajole cash from them while pretending to be the boss of the now liquidated Evo Media.

Mr Anthony, who does possess a law degree, is not a a qualified lawyer. In a court case earlier this year, Mr Anthony, while being questioned, confirmed to the magistrate that he was not a solicitor.

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True Crime News Weekly contacted Mr Anthony by email this week and sent a series of questions.

We asked Mr Anthony if he had any comment to make in response to the bankruptcy action. We also queried as to whether he was, in fact, moonlighting as a ‘fake lawyer’.

Mr Anthony, who is believed to be still hiding out in his mother’s multi-million dollar apartment in upmarket Potts Point, did not respond to our requests for comment.

In June last year, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) placed a disqualification order on the failed businessman from managing any sort of company until 2020.

The action prevents Mr Anthony to “make, or participate in making, decisions that affect the whole, or a substantial part, of the business of the corporation”.



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