BARNABY BOOZES UP, GETS COVERED UP! Sleazy booze hound Barnaby Joyce turns up to Parliament House sloshed & drunk but media pretends it never happened

EXCLUSIVE: Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce turned up drunk as a skunk for Question Time in Parliament House this week yet you wouldn’t ever know it happened if you were relying on the Canberra press gallery or the mainstream media to inform you. Serkan Ozturk reports.

Alleged sexual harasser and confirmed adulterer and drunkard, Barnaby Joyce, is back to his old ways after sneakily getting his old job back as Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister just over a month ago.

As many readers may recall, True Crime News Weekly was the media publication largely responsible for telling the truth to the public about the redneck politician’s hypocritical ways that eventually led to his initial downfall in early 2018.

But now, he’s back.

And drunker than ever, it seems.

However, you wouldn’t know it if you were relying on Canberra’s press gallery or mainstream media to inform the public about the goings-on at Parliament House.

They have all elected to not report the latest evidence of Joyce’s rank and gross toxicity, just like they all stayed quiet while the cheap-talking politician cheated on his former wife for years while claiming to uphold ‘traditional family values’.


During Question Time at Federal Parliament on Wednesday, August 4, a ruddy-looking, red-faced Joyce put on an intoxicated performance for the ages in the House of Representatives.

Taking to the podium to ostensibly answer a Dorothy Dixer posed by one of his LNP mates in government, Joyce instead confusingly slurred and garbled about something or other on topics that had no relevance to the issues at hand.


“I can’t … I can’t but always remember Howard Hughes … Howard Hughes, the aviator,” Joyce commenced.

“But Howard Hughes the aviator. But the Labor Party got Albo the advocator. The great … The great advocator.

“The great ideas man. The great ideas man straight from the pool room.”

Joyce then let out a drunken groan before Labor Leader Anthony Albanese got up to raise a “point of order” based on the “weirdness” of Joyce’s drunk ramblings.

“I’m forced to bring out the ‘on weirdness’ stuff,” Albanese told Parliament.

“I have no idea what this is, but it’s not answering the question.”


The Speaker of the House, Liberal MP Tony Smith, though saw fit to give Joyce one more chance to make whatever point he was trying to make.

“Much noted, continue on,” Joyce started again.

“The great advocator, there he is. There he is. Because we’re never going to get anything constructed by him.

“But he did have one great idea. We saw it the other day. $300 per jab. $300 per jab. I think that was just your idea. I think that was just your idea.

“In fact, you were helped by the member for Shortland [Labor MP Pat Conroy]…”

But that was as far as Joyce got, with the Speaker of the House finally having enough of the Deputy PM’s drunk, toxic rant.

“The Deputy Prime Minister needs to resume his seat and I think we might as well leave it there,” Mr Smith ordered.

“Whilst he was asked about alternative policies they need to be alternatives to the issues laid out in the question.”

True Crime News Weekly sent a series of questions to Joyce where we asked whether he is an alcoholic and whether he thinks it’s fair that the Australian public pay his wages just so he can turn up drunk to work.

The country’s deputy political leader did not provide a response.

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