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  1. There seems to be a lot of pedos high up in the food chain, must be some sort of network or ring perhaps, but that would be just silly conspiracy talk, wouldn’t it?

    • Most certainly is. Snaching children off the street is a well organised window of time. Where is the police report for when a kidnapp of me failed when I was 9. Im 51 52 in december thats a lot of years of flashbacks yet where is my justice guess if they wont i have . Lots of links lots of personal challenges. Very intricate web of deception. Put pieces togeather like a puzzle .

  2. He he’s currently sitting in the Rutherglen Primary School marking people off the electoral roll
    How the hell is this allowed to happen

  3. I assume Kewley is listed as a sex offender and cannot associate with children – yet it appears he is already reverting to type and grooming kids gain. I fear justice for pedos in Australia is sadly deficient.

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