BE WARNED! Pedo actor Jeremy Kewley out of jail & free living it up in Victoria despite abuse of dozens of boys

EXCLUSIVE: The convicted paedophile actor Jeremy Kewley is free to roam amongst the public once again after being quietly released from prison following a stint of less than two years for the indecent assault of more than a dozen boys stretching back decades. True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, reports.

Publicly, he was a well-admired elder statesman of Australia’s acting scene with credits in hit tv shows such as Blue Heelers, Stingers, Janus and Neighbours. A comedian as well, he starred in local cabarets, and he was even the warm-up act every week for the popular AFL Footy Show on Channel Nine. He was an old hand at it all as he’d been in the celebrity business since he was 14. Making his professional acting debut in Fred Schepisi’s 1976 film The Devil’s Playground.

But privately, the actor and producer, Jeremy Kewley, was a long-term paedophile and sex offender, who as a young adult would slowly but surely begin to target underage boys with dreams of acting success – much like he himself once held – and then cunningly and duplicitously exploit their youth, innocence and naivety for his own sick perverted ends.

An actor’s headshot for convicted paedophile Jeremy Kewley (Image: Supplied)

He was sentenced in May 2016 to just two years imprisonment, despite being found guilty of molesting or sexually abusing 16 boys. His crimes usually took place under the guise of ‘acting’ or ‘directing’. Mr Kewley, was, and is, definitely a sex offender of the most cunning variety.

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That horrible fact has now led to a number of people, including relatives of his victims, coming forward to True Crime News Weekly after Mr Kewley was quietly released from prison earlier this year, having served only a 23-month sentence.

One mother who got in contact with True Crime News Weekly said she wished she could speak publicly to warn parents and children alike but she had to stay silent for her son, who wants to stay anonymous.

“Kewley’s now out and staying at his family shack in Mitta Mitta in the Victorian high country. People should know about what he did to all those boys. He’s a mongrel,” she said. 

“Because he plead guilty he got a really light sentence and now that he’s served the sentence there’s nothing more to do. Unless more victims come forward, and I’m certain there are more victims. He was at it for decades.”

True Crime News Weekly has also received first-hand reports of Mr Kewley seeking employment in some of Victoria’s tourist towns. One man from Beechworth who spoke with True Crime News Weekly claimed the criminal actor was attempting to minimise his past misdeeds.


“Fucking paedophile thinks it’s fine to apply for a job without telling us what he’d just got out of jail for,” the man said.

“Of course, I told him to fuck off and never show his face on our property or in our business again.”

Beechworth is a well-preserved historical town located in the north-east of Victoria, and is famous for its major growth during the gold rush days of the mid-1850s. According to the 2011 census, Beechworth has a population of just under 3,000 people.

The man who had the run-in with Mr Kewley further explained to True Crime News Weekly:

“When I confronted him about it last night, he tried to justify it with, ‘Oh, it was just a mistake, and it was only a few boys’. That, to me, shows he has no guilt or remorse, which makes him an opportunist who is a danger,” he said.

“And I am willing to give nearly anyone a fair go. People change but paedos don’t. And if we give him a fair chance and he does it again, that is another broken life. No way should we risk that.”

Mr Kewley’s documented offending stretches back for the majority of his adult life, beginning in 1989 when he met his first victim while working on television talent show Young Talent Time.

It is believed he was a regular and prolific abuser of children until his eventual capture and charge by Victoria Police in December 2014. In an attempt to gain access to children, Mr Kewley would regularly offer walking tours of Melbourne for school groups. He’d also act as a public speaker for a number of charitable groups. In 2006, the actor was named Bega Valley Shire’s Australia Day ambassador.

On his personal website,, numerous photos still remain published online of the criminal actor surrounded by unsuspecting schoolchildren on one of his many walking tours. According to his own website, Mr Kewley was taking children out on walks as late as September 2014, just a couple months before his arrest.

2014-Jeremy-Brighton-Grammar-Boys-August-25-2-300x225 Blackout

Flinders-Street-Station-School-Tour-Sept-2014-3-225x300 Blackout

School-Tour-2-Emmanuel-College-September-2014-550x452 Blackout

Screenshot of Jeremy Kewley website 2.JPG

At about the same time, the convicted sex offender had also hosted a luncheon in Albury for Anglicare and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services for Foster Care Week.

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According to his website, the paedophile actor entertained the audience of foster parents and others with “his stories about Australia and it’s [sic] unique sense of humour and language”.

Mr Kewley will be on the register of sexual offenders for life.



BE WARNED! Pedo actor Jeremy Kewley out of jail & free living it up in Victoria despite abuse of dozens of boys


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  1. There seems to be a lot of pedos high up in the food chain, must be some sort of network or ring perhaps, but that would be just silly conspiracy talk, wouldn’t it?

    • Most certainly is. Snaching children off the street is a well organised window of time. Where is the police report for when a kidnapp of me failed when I was 9. Im 51 52 in december thats a lot of years of flashbacks yet where is my justice guess if they wont i have . Lots of links lots of personal challenges. Very intricate web of deception. Put pieces togeather like a puzzle .

  2. He he’s currently sitting in the Rutherglen Primary School marking people off the electoral roll
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