BEREJIKLIAN’S BURDEN TO GET BIGGER … WAY BIGGER! ‘Gulag’ Gladys Berejiklian & John ‘Bruz’ Barilaro Go Before They’re Pushed Over Corruption Connections in NSW That Went on FOR YEARS Including Alleged Child Rape & Murder Cover-Ups AND a Repeat of the ‘Barnaby Joyce Scandal’

EXCLUSIVE: The state of NSW has experienced another major political implosion over the past few days. With its premier, Gladys Berejiklian, as well as deputy premier, John Barilaro, and high-profile minister, Andrew Constance, calling it quits before they were pushed over their close connection to separate corruption scandals involving dodgy questionable personal relationships and sly backroom deals, including on behalf of alleged child rapists and murderers, that have been raging on for years. Serkan Ozturk with all the wild details.

It’s been a landmark weekend for the all avid fans of the long storied history of political corruption in New South Wales. The football grand finals may now be over (well done to the Demons and the Panthers) but the political bloodbath has only just begun.

Strap in, and get yourself ready, as it’s going to be a little bumpy for a while as our many revelations as detailed below are sure to shock many. It involves multi-million dollar corrupt deals. Cover-ups for alleged child rapists and murderers. And even a repeat of the ‘Barnaby Joyce Scandal’ but this time involving John Barilaro.

We did say, it’s wild.

So, let’s start right at the top.

Gladys Berejiklian after a five year reign is no longer premier of NSW.

It’s a resignation which can’t have come soon enough and follows True Crime News Weekly being the first media outlet in Australia to call for the premier to fall on her sword, way back in early August.

We don’t like to state: ‘we told you so’. But, we told you so.

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After 12 months of growing pressure after the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) pinpointed Berejiklian herself as being the long-term “secret” love interest for the greedy and already-married corrupt grub that was Daryl Maguire, the premier chose to ‘sack herself’ on the afternoon of Friday, October 1.

The “shock announcement” came just a few hours after ICAC announced that it would be looking into whether the premier acted corruptly over a period of at least six years.

At the hastily arranged press conference where she took no questions, Berejiklian said her time as premier had now come to an immediate end. No more being in Parliament at all either. But she had always acted with integrity, she sniffled.

The exact source of the heat Berejiklian was so desperate to avoid involved questions over her decisions from 2012-2018 to deal out multi-million dollar favours to her “secret boyfriend” of five long, torrid years – the disgraced corrupt wheeler-dealer MP, Daryl Maguire.

In recorded conversations already made public by the ICAC investigation, Berejiklian consistently warns her lover Maguire to not tell her over the phone of the details from any of his outrageous deals involving questionable people.

In the tapes, Berejiklian sounds more like Tony Soprano warning capos than an innocent girl from a Twilight novel that her many friends in the mainstream media – from Leigh Sales to Phil Coorey – have tried to portray her as. One is truly only left wondering which one out of Maguire and Berejiklian is the goomba.


It wasn’t the only past questionable relationship Berejiklian was sweating over though. There is another heavy burden that has been weighing upon her shoulders for years.

Her close decade-long relationship with a senior media adviser and his wife was soon due to again come under the microscope, not because of ICAC but in a criminal child rape case to be heard in front of the NSW District Court next year.

As reported exclusively by True Crime News Weekly five months ago, in May 2021, a senior media adviser who worked closely with Berejiklian for two years between 2017-2019 had been charged with multiple counts of child rape over the prolonged sexual abuse of two children between the ages of 8 and 10.

The offences were alleged to have been committed between July 1994 and December 1996 and only ended just before the man turned 18.

As such, for the moment, True Crime News Weekly can not publicly identify the man but his name is already well-known amongst political, business and media circles.

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Police had been investigating the serious criminal allegations against the longtime Liberal Party affiliated communications expert sometime since 2016. It still remains unclear why it took police almost five years to file charges against the man but some have suggested his connection to political power aided him.

The man’s wife has also been closely linked to Berejiklian for over a decade. So close is their relationship, that when the man abruptly left his position with Berejiklian’s office in early 2019, it was the man’s wife who almost immediately replaced him.

One could say by proxy, the alleged child rapist still had an inside line to Berejiklian and for all intents and purposes never even left the office.

As police were finally circling, the man was then given $250,000 for a made-up fake job with the governmental infrastructure body, Transport for NSW. The six-month role the man was given at Transport for NSW until the end of 2019 had never before existed while the taxpayer funded job was never even advertised.


A cynic might say some wheels may have been greased by those in the know within the Liberal Party to allow the alleged child rapist one last large pay day before his once high-flying career was to come to a halt when he was eventually charged by police over the multiple sexual abuse offences, which ultimately came about in November 2020.

Three months ago, in July 2021, at the Manly Local Court the man was committed to trial to face the child rape charges.

The man’s child rape trial is now due to commence early next year on the afternoon of March 4, 2022 at the District Court in Sydney.

A former senior media adviser and close friend of Galdys Berejiklian was the recipient of a $250,000 fake job as police were investigating him for the prolonged sexual abuse and rape of two children under the age of 10

Amazingly, in another shocking and almost bewildering revelation, it has come out in recent days that Transport for NSW was also happy to harbour a psychopathic sex murderer within its upper echelons around the same time it was giving fake jobs and hundreds of thousands of dollars as favours to alleged child rapist media advisers.

If ever there was a bureaucratic department that deserves to be figuratively blown up, surely this is it.

The latest details of the goings-on inside the highly resourced bureaucratic department have only now been made public after an unfair dismissal case was decided in front of the NSW Supreme Court late last week following the unlawful termination of a forensic investigator at Transport for NSW who had tried to warn police about his former colleague, Dennis James Pietrobon.

The court found Transport for NSW fired the forensic investigator, Thomas Wood, simply for complying with the law, and contacting Crime Stoppers in May 2020 after police made a public appeal for information relating to the murder of Nicole Cartwright in 2018, following their arrest of Pietrobon over the killing.

Cartwright was murdered in early October 2018, but following an 18-month investigation, police finally arrested Pietrobon in April 2020.

NSW Police alleged Pietrobon had killed the 32-year-old woman after first meeting her on a fetish dating app and encouraging her to travel to his home via an Uber for a methamphetamine-fueled “pump and play” sex session.

Dennis James Pietrobon is believed to have murdered a woman in 2018 but Transport for NSW helped cover things up for some strange reason (Image: LinkedIn / Supplied)

Pietrobon was employed by Transport for NSW at the time of Cartwright’s murder but was then fired in 2019 following allegations he stalked and sexually harassed a colleague and had used fetish dating apps at work to download naked pictures. It also came to light that Pietrobon was hired after failing to disclose a conviction for punching a school student.

It was Mr Wood who had conducted the work investigation into Pietrobon for Transport for NSW.

The court also found the bureaucratic organisation had refused for almost one year to provide access to police to Pietrobon’s work phone and work computer as well as other documents that could have been important to the investigation. The police only gained access to the work records in March 2021.

Pietrobon was never found guilty over the murder because he committed suicide while in police custody in April 2020.


After Berejiklian’s demise on Friday, and the further shocking revelations about the corrupt actions of Transport for NSW were made public, the next to go was its ministerial overseer, the Transport Minister Andrew Constance.

The ambitious Bega MP said he would be resigning from Parliament with immediate effect too. The less pesky questions he has to answer about his bureaucratic department doing its darnedest to harbour murderers and alleged child rapists at the same time, the better, Constance perhaps wisely thought.

It’s a storyline that could have been dreamt up from watching the worst of Mafia movies and the hideous reality that is the Catholic Church. That melange might be fitting for what has become of the Liberal Party.

Constance now wants a tilt at a federal seat, and will stand for the Liberals in the seat of Gilmore at the upcoming election which Prime Minster Scott Morrison will be doing his best to get his media mates to manipulate for him once again.

Constance would be extremely happy in Canberra. No federal ICAC and all, which our old mate, Barnaby Joyce, seems to be very concerned about for some reason.

Andrew Constance was the Minister and Big Boss in charge of Transport for NSW which has seemingly become the governmental organisation of choice to hide alleged child rapists and even murderers (Image: Wiki Commons)

The dominoes were all lined up now for one more big tumble.

And it came in the shape of the deputy premier, the Nationals leader, John Barilaro.

Yes – ‘Bruz’ himself.

He who uses the NSW Police’s controversial Fixated Persons Unit within its Counter-Terrorism Squad as his own personal goon squad to go after comedians who embarrass him.

What a web the deceitful do weave.

Bruz was in such a rush to leave, he did so on the Labour Day public holiday on Monday, October 4. No business hours for him.

To keep our analogies going, it’s all fallen like a house of cards.

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In announcing his departure, Barilaro partly blamed political satirist and online comedian, Friendlyjordies, who he had launched defamation action against earlier this year after being alleged to be corrupt in a series of videos released on YouTube.

Previously, questions have been raised about Barilaro’s business sense and judgement with both investigative journalist website Michael West and Friendlyjordies reporting late last year on the deputy premier and his family’s links to the bizarre liquidation of the Marco Polo Social Club in Queanbeyan in the early 2000s, which was then followed by an even more bizarre subsequent grant of almost half-a-million dollars to the club a decade later.

Last April, True Crime News Weekly also exclusively reported how Barilaro was intimately involved in giving taxpayers money to a deranged, extremist and homopobic Christian cult, the Exclusive Brethren.

And earlier this year, it turned out Barilaro was involved in giving $50,000 of public money to an agricultural group associated with the family of the money-hungry and thirsty alleged forger, Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor.

There are also questions that remain over the mysterious overnight disappearance of Barilaro’s family company, the Queanbeyan-based windows company Ryleho, in September 2019, just a few years after ‘Super Mario Bruz‘ officially resigned as its managing director in 2016 and handed over its reins to his brother; not Luigi, but Tony Barilaro.


It is believed the family company beloved by the likes of Liberal Party luminaries such as former Prime Minister, John Howard, and former Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello, had simply shut up shop after 33 years in business, leaving creditors in the lurch and significant debts behind.

Howard and Costello had used Barilaro’s family company as a backdrop for no less than at least three political announcements in 1996, 2004 and 2007. Apparently, all that Liberal Party support counted for nought though.

The administrator charged with dealing with the liquidation of Barilaro’s company was Frank Lo Pilato from RMS Canberra. Lo Pilato refused to answer media questions upon taking over the liquidation of Ryleho.

Lo Pilato happens to be the same liquidator who in 2017 went after disgraced Labor MP, Eddie Obeid, when he sued the corrupt politician and members of his family for over $700,000 over their front company that ran a string of Circular Quay cafes.

A year before, in 2016, Lo Pilato was involved in an altogether different court battle where he was allowed to continue as a liquidator in the administration case of a company where he had a conflict of interest.

True Crime News Weekly does not suggest that Lo Pilato has acted anything but professionally in dealing with the liquidation of Barilaro’s family company.


Barilaro has also in recent months come under fire for his close links to the gambling industry and Clubs NSW.

Whistleblower and former Clubs NSW compliance expert, Troy Stolz, has told True Crime News Weekly in a lengthy, detailed statement made in July of this year that he is under no illusion whatsoever that Barilaro has been in the back pocket of the gambling industry for years.

John Barilaro seen with Clubs NSW CEO, Josh Landis, at the 2021 Clubs in Community Awards night held in May of this year (Image: Supplied)

“Why did John Barilaro attend the May 2021 Clubs in Community Awards night, when it was the portfolio of Gaming Minister Victor Dominello?” Mr Stolz said.

“John Barilaro is following a Nationals tradition and it has very much flown under the radar.

“John Barilaro and the Nationals have long been recipients of political donations from Clubs NSW and the Australian Hotels Association (AHA).”

Mr Stolz then detailed the incestuous relationships between Barilaro’s office, the Nationals Party and Clubs NSW.

“During my employment with Clubs NSW, I worked with Olivia Graham who was employed in the Clubs NSW Policy team, under the management of current Clubs NSW CEO, Josh Landis,” Mr Stolz told True Crime News Weekly.

“Olivia Graham left Clubs NSW, to go and work for John Barilaro. She is now a director of such, in Barilaro’s office. She would regularly visit the Office.

“Clubs NSW Policy team members Anthony Trimarchi and Josh Landis (now the CEO) would regularly have long boozy meetings with the Nationals staffers.”

Mr Stolz alleges such largesse always had the end goal of favours being done on behalf of the powerful gambling lobby.

“As the NSW Gaming Minister in 2016, Troy Grant, awarded Keno a 28-year licence extension. Keno is 50% owned by Clubs NSW under Club Keno Holdings Pty Ltd and TABCORP under its Keno entity,” he explained.

“This was a massive financial boost to Keno, in terms of revenue until 2050 and lining the NSW Government coffers.”

True Crime News Weekly sent a series of detailed written questions to Barilaro’s electorate office about all the above allegations as set out in this investigation.

We never received a response to any of our questions.

Corrupt? Or plain stupid and incompetent? You tell us.


But there’s yet one more major revelation Barilaro does not want the public to know about.

Just as True Crime News Weekly was the first media outlet in the world to reveal ‘The Barnaby Joyce Scandal’ in 2017 – six months before the mainstream media – we can now exclusively report that Barilaro is alleged to have “done a Barnaby” by supposedly having an affair with one of his senior media advisers, allegedly even getting her pregnant, before carting her off to a highly-paid job in yet another shady governmental department to try keep the affair under wraps.


True Crime News Weekly is aware of the identity of the media adviser in question but has chosen not to name her, for the time being.

The woman had been working for Barilaro as his media adviser for two years before mysteriously leaving the office a few months ago in the middle of this year.

It is claimed she was then given a high-paying role at Investment NSW, where she has been employed since August 2021.

A blacked-out image of the former media adviser who John Barilaro is alleged to have made pregnant before carting her off to a new role at Investment NSW to keep things quiet (Image: Supplied)

True Crime News Weekly sent written questions to Barilaro about the alleged affair and alleged pregnancy, asking him whether the claims were “fake” or “ludicrous” in any way.

Once again, we did not receive a response.

One could legitimately make the argument that these politicians may view governmental departments such as Transport for NSW and Investment NSW as holding houses to hide their ‘mistakes’.

Funnily enough, there is another close link between ‘Bruz’ and our old friend, Barnaby Joyce.

For you see, in February of this year, at the ripe old age of 22 or something like that, Barnaby’s very own daughter, Bridgette, scored a plum “senior parliamentary adviser” position within guess who’s office?

Yes, that’s right. Our buddy. Old ‘Bruz’ himself.

The Daily Mail did describe Bridgette as “glamourous”, so maybe that’s why ‘Bruz’ was so keen for her to (cough, cough) work for him. Perhaps her dad, old Barnaby, gave a crash course for what to look out for while working for a sleazy leader of the Nationals Party. “Don’t get pregnant,” may have been some of the useful fatherly advice.

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In a statement, Friendlyjordies satirist, Jordan Shanks, suggested it was the sign of a weak politician to blame a comedian for their own demise, which is pretty much what John Barilaro did.

“He dodged, weaved and bristled when asked about the substantive and serious allegations that our videos have exposed,” Mr Shanks said in the statement posted on social media.

“After a decade of proudly advancing his interests and blaming other people for his mistakes, what a fitting way to go out.”


More than four years ago, in the wake of the Eddie Obeid Corruption Scandal, Berejiklian as state premier announced changes to laws that would supposedly allow for parliamentary pensions and other perks to be revoked from dodgy politicians if they were found to have acted corruptly or criminally while in power.

“Unless these changes are made, politicians convicted of serious criminal offences will be able to live off their taxpayer-funded pension entitlement and that’s just not fair,” Ms Berejiklian said at the time in May 2017.

“The days of Obeid, [Ian] Macdonald and their cronies benefiting at the expense of the people of NSW are over.”

True Crime News Weekly wonders if these new standards Berejiklian was so eager to introduce way back then will apply to ‘Bruz’, Constance and herself (and all the others) as they scurry like rats from a sinking ship after gorging on the teat of a corrupted carcass for far too long.

Only time will tell.

For now, all we can be certain is the good folk of New South Wales have been rewarded for all this corruption and subterfuge with a likely new premier in the form of a hard-right, conservative Opus Dei Catholic and Donald Trump loving 39-year-old man by the name of Dominic Perrottet; whose own younger brother, Jean-Claude, was just a few years ago let off by the courts and found not guilty of a rape allegation involving a young woman which followed heavy drinking and sexual escapades at the University of Sydney’s notorious St John’s College.

May God have mercy on all our souls.

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    All of this must be done in a way that prevents corruption charges being used as a political weapons.

    This will depend on setting up effective independent anri-corruption commissions
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