BLACK & WHITE IN BAYONNE, OR NOT! Bashing death of bus driver in France over Covid face mask brings out old hatred & shysters

FRANCE: The bashing death of a bus driver in the Pyrenees town of Bayonne earlier this month has re
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Therese Taylor is a Lecturer in History at Charles Sturt University in Australia. Her book, 'Bernadette of Lourdes, Her Life, Visions and Death' is widely read. She has published articles in the Fortean Times, The Diplomat, and other magazines. She frequently comments on media studies, histories of crime, and religion and society.

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  1. ‘LaRacailleTue’ would be a right-wing parody of ‘LaRacismeTue’. ‘Racaille’ is a racist term for young french men of immigrant descent, which literally means a young wolf, but which translates substantively to ‘thug’ or ‘rabble’. It is both classist and racist in the context of the 21st century; around 2003/04 the then President Nicolas Sarkozy used the term to describe young rioters in Paris. It was a big scandal at the time, but I don’t think a centre-right pollie could get away with saying that now, hence the far-right’s use of the term.

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