BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS! Young women & men in Western Sydney drop dead at home from Covid Crisis as Gulag Gladys Berejiklian covers up true hospital numbers with “health hotels”

EXCLUSIVE: More and more young women and men in Western Sydney are now literally dropping dead in their own homes from Covid because Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s failing NSW Government is deliberately trying to keep hospitalisation rates artificially lower than what they truly are by using so-called “health hotels”, with people being urged not to visit a hospital as the state’s health system simply now can’t cope with the growing crisis. Serkan Ozturk reports.

Covid infection rates in NSW have this week rocketed past more than a whopping 1,000 daily infections since an outbreak emerged in the community in mid-June in the wealthy eastern suburbs of Sydney.

The huge numbers are the reason why the likes of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian as well as Prime Minister Scott Morrison have over the past week pointedly maneuvered their messaging from telling the public about actual infections to instead being supposedly concerned about the so-called “hospitalisation rate”.

“When you get 70 per cent double dose, as the Doherty Report states, you start to transition into talking about the rate of hospitalisation, not the number of cases,” Berejiklian claimed this week.

“The number of cases becomes less relevant.”

Tragically, while that desperate political makeover has been taking place for two people rightly worried about losing their jobs, more and more people – including women and men in their 20s and 30s – are now literally dropping dead in their own homes in Western Sydney after becoming infected with the dangerous Delta strain of the virus.


It’s believed out of a total of about 80 people who have died since the current outbreak commenced a little over two months ago, around 10 of those have died at home.

It’s a scenario that would have been unthinkable just a month or two back but is now a very real part of our lives.

Many of us are left wondering, how could this occur in a supposedly advanced democratic nation?

Why are these people – young and old – dying in their homes?

The answer it seems is because of politics.

True Crime News Weekly can exclusively reveal Premier Berejiklian and her state government have been accused of deliberately fudging the true nature of NSW’s worsening Covid Crisis by artificially lowering the “hospitalisation rate” with the growing use of “health hotels” for the increasing numbers of people infected with Covid who may require possible urgent medical treatment or intervention.

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As such, many health workers who may be placed within hospitals, are instead being placed in the “health hotels”.

Some people such as 30-year-old, Ianeta Isaako, who died at her Emerton home this week was offered a place at a “health hotel” but she elected to stay home, according to NSW Health’s chief health officer, Dr Kerry Chant.

“I know that she was offered accommodation at the Sydney Health accommodation, but I don’t want to really go through any of those issues, it’s best that we thoroughly investigate,” Dr Chant told the daily Covid update press conference on August 25.

If Dr Chant doesn’t want to tell the public the truth, True Crime News Weekly will.

People are dying in their homes now as even the “health hotels” are overflowing while the state’s hospital system can not cope.

Seemingly, many people are also choosing to stay home while infected with Covid, even if they may require potential medical treatment, because they are being offered a place at a “health hotel” rather than a proper hospital.

While government figures publicly state that by August 25 there were just under 650 people requiring hospitalisation because of Covid, it is believed the number of people who may be at risk of requiring hospital-style medical treatment because of their Covid infection is much higher because of the government’s “hush hush” use of several serviced apartment buildings across Sydney that have been sneakily and quietly transformed into “health hotels”.

Figures show that by August 24, there were already just under 1,700 people infected with Covid who are being treated in the “hospital in the home” system by being offered a place at a “health hotel” or being left at home to be apparently monitored by NSW Health teams.

It is likely a significant percentage of those near 1,700 people being treated within the “hospital in the home” system actually do require care in a real hospital, but there simply isn’t enough space.

NSW Health figures until August 24 show that already almost 1,700 people are being treated in the “hospital in the home” system. A significant portion of them actually require proper hospital care but there simply aren’t the resources available so more and more people are now dropping dead from Covid in their own homes (Image: Supplied)

Sources have informed True Crime News Weekly that many Meriton serviced apartment blocks across Sydney have been turned into “Covid hotels”.

“They’re not hotel quarantine for returned travellers but for Covid positive people,” one source succinctly put it.

Another source – who lives across the Meriton Suites serviced apartment block in Waterloo that became infamous a couple months ago at the beginning of the Delta outbreak for being the setting of a super-spreader event after a sex party orgy was held there – has also come forward after witnessing the building transform markedly recently.

“It was all done very hush hush,” the Waterloo resident said.

“I live across the street to it and all the doors have been frosted, police posted outside doing patrols. Real prison vibe coming from it.

The Waterloo resident said security around the “health hotel” was very tight.

“It does have a very sterile hospital / asylum / hotel turned refugee camp look to it now.

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“The residents from what I can see from my balcony look like they are not in the most happiest of places or states,” the source told True Crime News Weekly.

“I’m shocked they can even come out on the balcony and the fact that all the entrances and exits have (probably not well paid) guards and police in umarked cars.”

The Meriton serviced apartment block in Waterloo that was the site of a Covid super-spreader event at the beginning of the Delta outbreak in mid-June has now been quietly transformed into a “health hotel” (Image: Supplied)

Another source informed True Crime News Weekly that a Meriton serviced apartment building at Macquarie Park in Sydney’s north-west had also been turned into a “health hotel”.

“Being paid mega bucks,” the source added.

And why would Premier Berejiklian be forced to slyly use these so-called “Covid hotels”?

Because, quite simply, hospitals are now at breaking point with the system bursting at the seams and almost unable to cope.

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The Guardian has this week reported that it has been “contacted by people who had kidney transplants and heart angioplasties booked in at public hospitals, but had their operations cancelled and not rescheduled due to staffing shortages and Covid exposure within the hospital system”.

Nurses have been quoted as saying they are “flat out” and “exhausted”.

Hospital buildings meanwhile are also becoming further and further spatially cramped. A recipe for disaster for the transmission and spread of Covid. It’s believed at least 20% of all Covid infections in the current outbreak affecting NSW is now occurring in hospital settings.

Reuters this week reported that due to the rapid rise of Covid cases, Westmead and Blacktown hospitals in Sydney’s west had been forced to set up emergency outdoor tents to help deal with a massive rise in patients, with the tents being erected to screen and swab patients to help manage capacity.

True Crime News Weekly contacted NSW Health, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard as well as Premier Berejiklian seeking comment for this story.

We did not receive a response.

Main Feature Image: Westmead Hospital Emergency Department (Photo by: Red.Wolf / Flickr)

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  1. Call for accountability! Gladys and her ilk cannot continue to sweep aside the premature deaths of innocent lives!

    She and her Government have a fiduciary responsibility to do all they can to protect and preserve life under her watch.

    Step down Glad rags! We are not fools.

  2. I was appalled to hear Gladys refer to recent deaths as ‘unfortunately…’.
    Unfortunately? Unfortunately, is THAT ALL? Unfortunately?Is that all you can sayof the deaths you are responsible for? I thought as I sped along the highway. Unfortunately? No accountability? Not even a sense of sirrow. Of regret? Of guilt? Nothing. Unfortunately.

  3. Whole story is very accurate.I was unfortunate enough to be admitted to hospital for an operation then after 6 days waiting the health department cancelled all non life threatening surgery.I was discharged and then discovered I had been a close contact of a covid patient and am at home in isolation.The hospital was bursting at the seams and nurses, doctors and allied health staff were working double shifts sometimes just to keep up the care.I dont want to name the hospital as the entire health system in NSW is about to collapse.The mismanagement of this covid outbreak will go down as the biggest failure in a developed country during the pandemic.Berijiklian did not treat this outbreak as a health issue rather a political issue.When there was 1 infected person at Bondi she blamed the infected person and took no action.

  4. Steve, I am so sorry you’ve had to go through this. I hope you’re OK and everything turns out well. My heart goes out to everyone concerned and I can’t imagine what nurses et al., are having to endure. Not sure I would be so courageous in the face of it – or rather, in the midst of it – all. You’re 100% right in saying: “Berijiklian did not treat this outbreak as a health issue rather a political issue.When there was 1 infected person at Bondi she blamed the infected person and took no action.” It’s criminal and ought to be treated as such.

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