BOGAN PRIDE! 100 drunk ‘White’ youths ‘celebrating’ Australia Day attack children & parents at kid’s carnival

EXCLUSIVE: A mass brawl involving up to 100 drunk bogans and rival youth gangs, largely from Anglo and Caucasian backgrounds, has taken place on Australia Day at a fairground on the NSW South Coast.

The Huskisson Carnival at Shoalhaven is meant to be a family-friendly event that runs for the summer school holidays until January 28. According to its Facebook page, the annual fun carnival has been “bringing joy to the south coast since 1973”.

“Bring your friends and make a night of it, one you will remember for years to come,” the blurb for the carnival reads.

However, its final weekend this year is likely to be an event to remember for all the wrong reasons, with festivities marred by a violent mass brawl that broke out on Australia Day (Friday, January 26) soon after the night’s fireworks display.

UPDATE: VIDEO EMERGES! Police caught on tape brutally manhandling Indigenous boy during wild carnie violence on Aussie Day

Up to 100 people are thought to have been involved in the shocking incident which sparked up at about 10pm at the carnival’s car park after drunken louts from rival youth gangs began throwing glass bottles and rocks at each other.

The machismo and testosterone then quickly whirled out of control and moved into the fairground itself with bloody results.

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According to witnesses, participants in the shocking violence allegedly began bashing into the back of the portable toilets while little kids were screaming inside.

The violent drunks then barged through a children’s wild chairs ride which was near the entrance, while other young children who happened to be at the swings area were knocked out.

Parents were reportedly screaming with terror as they couldn’t reach their kids who were forced to witness injured brawlers with blood pouring down their faces.

It is believed up to 15 police cars were forced to respond to the incident.

Women comment about brawl on NSW South Coast carnival on Australia Day

One parent, Stacey Pell, has said the evening was “great” until the brawl towards the end of the event.

“Bottles smashed everywhere, kids on rides being barged into and absolutely terrified,” Ms Pell wrote on Facebook.

I hope the police were able to get it under control before any kids were seriously hurt. Absolutely disgusting behaviour, and not enough security present on such a busy day to prevent this.”

Huskisson Carnival
Some of the rides at Huskisson Carnival fairground

Another parent, Ellisa Mellier, said there was a distinct lack of security at the event.

“Unfortunately you guys need to look at more security to avoid the violence that has occurred Australia Day for the last 2 years,” she said. “Otherwise families will stop attending.”

However, organisers of the Huskisson Carnival are seemingly already doing their best to pretend the shocking violence never occurred.

In a statement posted to its official Facebook page only a few hours after the incident, carnival organisers claimed that its Australia Day festivities were “amazing” with not one word about the scenes of mayhem and destruction which took place.

Huskisson Carnival claims a great night was had by all on Australia Day

True Crime News Weekly got in touch with organisers of the carnival to see if they would like to add any further comments, but they declined our offer.

Police have also been tight-lipped about the situation, with no media release prepared about the incident by the NSW Police media unit while Shoalhaven police also refused to provide comment to local journalists.

When contacted, NSW Police confirmed to True Crime News Weekly the basic facts of the event and said a number of youths were arrested at the scene for engaging in “altercations”.

“Five youths were arrested and taken to Nowra Police Station,” a police spokesperson said.

“No charges were laid and the youths were released into the custody of their parents.”

The spokesperson added that no “further information or statement will be available” regarding the incident.

With so much current media hype about a mythical menace of “African gangs” threatening the everyday lives of ordinary Australians, True Crime News Weekly sure does hope that this worrying incident involving ‘White’ youth gangs is fairly reported on by outlets who claim to be worried about the safety of their fellow citizens.

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  1. Can you substantiate this article the problem is a lot of people said this article is propaganda our kids don’t do this but are willing to the aboriginal kids that were there

  2. The mother of the boy who was arrested has been called by abc and channel 9 for an interview the boy has a fractured shoulder because of the rough way the police arrested him

  3. The kid in the video is a bogan who has learned the behaviour from his mother! She knows he drinks & smokes ciggies as well as weed but does not see it as an issue even tho he is only 16 yrs old. She is playing the race card to gain attention & compensation. The kid would not be in this situation If he had not kicked & struggled with the Police & his friends had stopped attacking the 2 cops who had to defend themselves against them he would be fine. The whole group was well known to the cops & the mother has only shared SOME of the original videos instead of showing all that led up to the Police having to take several teens into custody. The whole thing has been manipulated so the mother can get financial gain from it, stop feeding her the attention she craves!

  4. Wow! What a ‘culture’ to be proud of… VB intoxicated youths drunkenly brawling while trying to ‘Advance Australia Fair’! They’re a bloody weird mob alright. I’m PROUD that I’m an Aborigine: a descendant of the very First Australians. Oi,oi,oi! xo

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