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  1. Can you substantiate this article the problem is a lot of people said this article is propaganda our kids don’t do this but are willing to the aboriginal kids that were there

  2. The mother of the boy who was arrested has been called by abc and channel 9 for an interview the boy has a fractured shoulder because of the rough way the police arrested him

  3. The kid in the video is a bogan who has learned the behaviour from his mother! She knows he drinks & smokes ciggies as well as weed but does not see it as an issue even tho he is only 16 yrs old. She is playing the race card to gain attention & compensation. The kid would not be in this situation If he had not kicked & struggled with the Police & his friends had stopped attacking the 2 cops who had to defend themselves against them he would be fine. The whole group was well known to the cops & the mother has only shared SOME of the original videos instead of showing all that led up to the Police having to take several teens into custody. The whole thing has been manipulated so the mother can get financial gain from it, stop feeding her the attention she craves!

  4. Wow! What a ‘culture’ to be proud of… VB intoxicated youths drunkenly brawling while trying to ‘Advance Australia Fair’! They’re a bloody weird mob alright. I’m PROUD that I’m an Aborigine: a descendant of the very First Australians. Oi,oi,oi! xo

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