BY GEORGE! NOT ANOTHER SLEAZY HYPOCRITE IN GOVT? George Christensen refuses to show encrypted messages as AFP investigates Nationals MP over “seedy” sex tourism in poverty-stricken Philippines

EXCLUSIVE: He is already regarded by many across Australia as a bloviated, blubbering, racist, homophobic and sexist blowhard, but it can now be revealed Nationals MP George Christensen is the latest member of the federal government to be involved in a sleazy sex scandal, with the AFP investigating the ‘family values’ politician over his strangely regular travel to poverty-stricken south-east Asian countries such as the Philippines.

Nationals MP George Christensen has long been obsessed with linking gay people to paedophilia. Just two years ago, as Queensland’s State Parliament was debating laws to standardise age of consent laws to 16, the federal member for Dawson shrilly claimed the change of law would lead to a rush of 50-year-old men harassing 16-year-old schoolboys for sex. Previously, in Queensland, the age of consent for anal sex was 18.

“We do know for a fact that there are old men out there who prey on younger men, groom them on the internet and seek to establish sexual relations with them, particularly when they are appear to be questioning their sexuality,” Christensen told Fairfax Media (now Nine) in September 2016.

“… I think at 16 years old, when you are questioning your sexuality, when you are going online, when there are predators out there, particularly older men looking for younger boys, this change in the law is fraught with disaster.”

On the same day, Christensen then gave News Corp publications a deeper glimpse into his thinking regarding the mores of intergenerational relationships.

“Unless they have restricted it to a certain age bracket around 16 years – and I don’t believe they have – it allows men in their 40s, 50s and beyond to legally have sex with 16-year-old boys. I think that’s wrong,” he said.

Christensen himself is 40-years-old this year.


In a recent although undated puff piece profile by SBS, the politician talked more about his own background which included wanting to be a Catholic priest at one stage. While fond of religions like Catholicism, Christensen loathes Islam so much he has spent a large part of his career calling for things like a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia.

George Christensen
A sweaty looking George Christensen prepares to aim and fire … for South-east Asia? (Image: Facebook / Supplied)

As reported within the SBS feature, once again, Christensen attempted to link gay people for being responsible for paedophilia within the Catholic Church and elsewhere.

Strangely, the politician also claimed during the interview he had passed a test that could pick out potential paedophiles.

“As a consequence, Christensen took himself off to a Melbourne seminary.

“They did a heap of psychological tests, then at the end they said, ‘You’re in. We’ll accept you.’ I assume the tests were to weed out sociopaths and people who’ve got the potential to be kiddy-fiddlers,” he says. In the end, though, he changed his mind and returned to uni. “I often wonder now whether not going down that [priestly] path was the wrong thing to do…”

“Christensen seems uneasy discussing child abuse within mainstream religions. He says it was part of the reason he left the Catholic church, and that the culprits “should be flogged”, but becomes a bit difficult to follow when stepping delicately around “suggestions” that homosexuality and paedophilia are somehow linked.”

If that wasn’t enough, then there was Christensen’s long public battle waged against LGBTIQ-identifying school children and the Safe Schools anti-bullying program. Under the cowardly cloak of parliamentary privilege, Christensen alleged that one of the people behind the social teaching package for schools was a supporter of paedophilia.

“I think it would shock many parents to know that a pedophilia advocate is overseeing the organisation that came up with the Safe Schools program,” he told parliament in 2016.

* * * * *

2018 has, in Australian politics at least, been the year of the hypocritical sex scandal starring the dimwitted conservative politician.

First there was Barnaby’s Baby – a true life political tale to rival any classic horror film, featuring this country’s favourite fake country hick and his pregnant press secretary. We can admit here, and now, it remains True Crime News Weekly biggest hit so far since we premiered our minor independent news site in January 2017.

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Then, just this month, came Broad, Andrew Broad. And his sweet tale of sugar and baby love spurned high up within the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. While the Canberra press gallery and other political journalists were looking to knock off for their holidays, out came gossip rag New Idea with an exclusive that’s now knocked Broad out of Parliament come next year’s election as well as ‘G’day mate’ out of the lexicon as an ordinary, everyday, innocuous Aussie greeting.

But now, though, is perhaps the most shocking scandal of them all to rock the ailing Nationals Party: George Christensen and his alleged overseas ‘sex trips’ in poverty-stricken Asian countries.

Herald Sun Front Page on Seedy Federal MP
How News Corp broke the story on December 21 without naming the politician involved (Image: Herald-Sun / Supplied)

As reported by News Corp publications very conveniently this week – on the day most people in Australia begin their Christmas holidays and as such will be distracted by other events – the Australian Federal Police have spent months investigating a federal MP over unusual travel patterns and spending habits in South-East Asia.

“A federal government MP’s frequent trips to seedy neighbourhoods in South East Asia have been scrutinised by police amid concerns he could be exposed to blackmail,” the front page article of the Herald-Sun on December 21 reads.

“The Australian Federal Police launched inquiries after a government financial intelligence agency noticed the MP was sending money to multiple accounts in the region.

“Checks revealed he was visiting “dangerous” neighbourhoods notorious for prostitution and drugs. No evidence of criminality was uncovered, but it is understood that inquiries were inhibited because investigators could not access encrypted messages the MP sent online.”

The report goes on to say that a senior Labor MP had referred the unnamed politician to the AFP for investigation after becoming concerned by reports from the Department of Foreign Affairs concerning the MP’s overseas jaunts.

Burgos Street
Burgos Street in the Philippines capital of Manila is one of the spots where rowdy Western tourists go for sex on the cheap (Image: New Yorkian Afoot)

The report suggests police could not find any evidence of criminality but that they were hampered by not being able to access certain encrypted messages sent and received by the MP.

With government officials said to be “deeply uneasy” about the MP’s travel, he was given an official warning about the specific areas he had been travelling to. While Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was also reportedly notified that the MP remains vulnerable to possible blackmail.

The Australian Government considers compromised situations that have been engineered by Chinese Government-backed agents as a very real threat to the nation’s politicians.

Despite not being named by the mainstream media as being the politician in question, the term ‘George Christensen’ is on December 21 one of the leading ‘trends’ on Twitter.

Further, three separate sources have confirmed to True Crime News Weekly that Christensen is the alleged MP who was under investigation.

* * * * *

Earlier this year, in September, it was reported Christensen had travelled to the Philippines eight times in recent years.

In a puff piece with News Corp outlet the Courier-Mail four months ago, Christensen it seems used the opportunity to pre-emptively explain his many visits as a middle-aged, single man to the poverty-stricken country.

Posts about Nationals MP George Christensen skyrocketed over social media platform Twitter following the News Corp story about the unnamed federal MP visiting “seedy” areas in south-east Asia (Image: Twitter / Supplied)

In the puff piece, Christensen also introduced his new, bemused looking Filipino bride-to-be, April Asuncion, who he had apparently met in early 2017 but had bizarrely proposed to over the phone to marry him in the middle of this year. Ms Asuncion was reported to still be living in the Philippines. It is unclear if Ms Asuncion has ever visited Australia or yet travelled to visit her husband-to-be.

Just two years ago, Christensen had claimed he was single and “too busy with his career” to have a serious relationship.

As reported by News Corp in September and reproduced by the Daily Mail, the MP had claimed his recent interest in the Philippines had innocently come about because he had suddenly discovered that were a lot of Filipinos in the Queensland town of Mackay, within his electorate.

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According to the reports, Christensen was at pains to mention that he was only in the Philippines to pay “homage to the deep family values and traditions the general population holds” as well as their apparent lack of concern regarding material items. Yes, it’s easy not to be concerned about material items in a poverty-stricken area when you are a wealthy White politician willing to find new friends by splashing some cash.

The Philippines is widely known as a popular hotspot for sex tourism, as well as a hub for criminals such as child sexual abusers from wealthy Western nations. While greater technological capabilities in recent years has also turned the Philippines into the world’s leading centre for streaming live child sexual abuse over webcams to criminal perverts who pay to watch. True Crime News Weekly does not suggest Christensen has engaged in any illegal activities while in the Philippines, but we are simply providing the truthful context as to why so many government officials as well as the AFP have been worried by Christensen’s travel patterns.

True Crime News Weekly contacted Christensen this week by email seeking comment for this story.

We asked the MP if he had ever engaged in sex tourism while in the Philippines. We also asked as to whether he had ensured that any sex workers that he may have engaged were above the age of consent.

Christensen did not provide a response.

* * * * *

Earlier this year, in February, an unnamed “Australian politician” was caught up in a major child sex sting in California, USA which netted hundreds of suspects. The still unidentified politician was said to have been looking to purchase a six-year-old boy to rape. The story, initially reported by the Los Angeles Times, was not covered by the Australian media but it later turned out that a Melbourne geneticist, Michael Quinn, was found guilty of being involved in the paedophile ring. It is unclear as to what fate has met the unnamed politician following his supposed arrest 10 months ago, or if a politician was involved in the sting to begin with.

While the rest of this nation’s media is whispering, sniggering, teetering or too flaccid to take on the wealthy and powerful, True Crime News Weekly will always do its best to to tell the basic truth in a simple way to its readers and the wider public.

Earlier this month, it turned out that a young Sri Lankan university student, Mohamed Nizamdeen, was wrongly accused of being a terrorist after his work colleague in the University of NSW’s IT department, Arsalan Khuwaja – the brother of Australian Test cricketer, Usman Khawaja – created a fake hit list targeting Australian sites and politicians. Unlike the majority of the media, True Crime News Weekly did not cover the story as we were informed by credible sources that there was no terror plot.

Nizamdeen had been arrested by the AFP in August and then placed into solitary confinement for a month at Goulburn’s Supermax, even though his handwriting did not match the fraudulent note. His face and name was plastered all over News Corp media titles and across the rest of the media. All kinds of ludicrous headlines were tagged above Nizamdeen’s face and name for weeks. No media organisation has yet publicly apologised to him. Let that sink in: a young, brown man who came to this country to further his education had his life ruined by this nation’s hackneyed media frothing at their mouths over false terror plots because the AFP had one shoddily written note, forged by a bitter and crazed work colleague.

George Christensen and bride to be Daily Mail CourierMail.JPG
George Christensen hitting the media four months ago in September to pre-emptively weave a story of why he had been travelling to poverty-stricken south-east Asian countries so often (Image: Daily Mail / Supplied)

And yet, here we have a federal politician who has been at the centre of a serious AFP investigation for months, where the MP has not fully complied with the investigation by not revealing encrypted digital communications relevant to the AFP, and the media is too gutless to even alert the public just a few months out from an important federal election.

And yet, apparently it was really important for the media to spread ludicrous stories about Labor MP Emma Husar being some kind of oversexed, bullying, psycho hussy. Let’s name her. Yes, good. Let’s also name and shame the nobody Greens candidate who one person has anonymously by email accused of rape. Yes, let’s do that. But, no. No, not the sitting federal government MP who the AFP and other authorities have been investigating for months over possible crimes committed in overseas countries. That’s not important, is it? This is like the Barnaby Joyce scandal all over again.

Remember, this is the same Federal Government which has recently pushed through thoroughly stupid laws with the asinine help of the Labor Party to create artificial backdoors in all encrypted technological and communications software, so that authorities can essentially engage in warrantless spying on Australian citizens, whenever they want, all the time. And here we have one of those very same politicians responsible for those laws, who voted in favour of them, hampering a serious police investigation by refusing to show the contents of his own encrypted communications.

The public has a right to know if their elected representatives are acting like hypocrites.

This is the essence of democracy, no?

The Australian media usually likes to hide behind the fact that defamation laws in this country are too onerous and prevent them from publishing stories in the public interest that they would like to.

Although that may be true to an extent, as we have shown above it is also a truth that who the Australian media chooses to plainly identify and pursue is a matter of power and privilege.

In not identifying Christensen over these serious matters, the media is weakly bowing down to power as it so often does in this awfully corrupt nation. This is a politician whose whole public schtick is as a family values, right-wing culture warrior who blames minorities like ‘the gays‘ and ‘the Muslims‘ for the apparent ills of society. Any hypocrisy between his public political statements and private actions should be revealed. The electorate deserves to know who they are truly voting for. Particularly when that person is already a sitting MP.

A federal commission against corruption – a real one, not one lazily dreamed up by sleazy evangelical idiots and involving compromised hacks like Margaret Cunneen – can not come soon enough.

True Crime News Weekly does not suggest Christensen is guilty of any offence or has broken any national or international laws, just that he has been at the centre of a serious investigation by the AFP following reports from the Department of Foreign Affairs.



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