CARDINAL IN A CELL! Child rapist George Pell tells faithful he is “joyful and content” with prison only a “small inconvenience”

EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal George Pell is said to be “in really good spirits” as well as “joyful and content” just a week after trading the House of God for the Big House and a six year stint for child rape. That’s according to a leaked letter which also states that a “key witness” in Pell’s trial is still “very close to the Cardinal and loves him dearly”.

Now in solitary confinement for 23 hours each day after having been found guilty this month over the “violent” and “arrogant” rape of two 13-year-old choirboys at Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral in 1996, Cardinal George Pell is said to be acclimatising to his new surroundings at Melbourne Assessment Prison as best he can. And he is enjoying long, lonely walks on the prison’s roof. That’s according to an emailed letter that has been leaked to True Crime News Weekly.

With six or seven books and a rosary as his only company, Cardinal Pell is said however to be doing well behind bars. So much so that despite prison authorities banning the paedophile priest from having “any religious pictures”, Cardinal Pell “still has his sense of humour”.

According to the letter, the evil and unrepentant child rapist is reported to be “in really good spirits, joyful and content and in peace”.

“I spend 23 hours a day in my cell and the other hour that I am allowed to come out I walk on top of the prison roof, I walk in a circle, I go one way for half an hour and another way for the next half an hour so that I can have a change of scenery,” Cardinal Pell is reported to have said.

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Moreover, according to the letter Cardinal Pell has reportedly told some of the faithful who have visited him in prison that his criminal conviction for the rape of multiple children was only a “small inconvenience” as well as a sacrifice he was all too willing to make in the name of Jesus Christ.

“You know that the church is going through a lot and there has been so much trouble within her and if l am offered to go through this small inconvenience I am glad to accept the suffering to make up for what is lacking in the cross of Christ for her sake,” the letter sums up Pell’s comments.

The emailed letter was allegedly sent from a Catholic supporter of Pell’s.

There were initial reports earlier today that Cardinal Pell had been taken to hospital with flu. However, a spokesperson for Victoria’s Department of Justice has since said the convicted child rapist had only been tested for influenza and remains within the prison.

There has been almost 20 cases of flu reported recently across three of Victoria’s prisons. Two of those cases have occurred at Pell’s prison. While Melbourne’s Metropolitan Remand Centre has been worst hit, with 13 cases of influenza recorded this week.

Convicted paedophile rapist Cardinal George Pell speaking about hypocrisy, perhaps (Image: Wiki Commons)

According to the leaked letter, the disgraced Cardinal is said to have been visited at prison by Father Charles Portelli, one of the key witnesses at his recent criminal trial. The visit between Cardinal Pell and Father Portelli is said to have taken place just before the guilty verdict was handed down last December.

“Father Portelli is very close to the Cardinal and loves him dearly, he was by his side always on that dreadful day,” the letter reads.

“They even travelled to Malta together. Father Portelli himself is a very holy man.”

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The letter then claims that Cardinal Pell has been “stripped of everything, completely stripped” and as such he is likely a possible saint.

“[Father Portelli] said he can’t say much more because he will most probably be called up again as a main witness if there is a retrial,” the letter states.

At Pell’s committal hearing a year ago, Father Portelli testified that he would help Cardinal Pell put on and take off his robes for masses in the sacristy of Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral, where the rape of the two boys took place.

Father Portelli further told the court in March 2018 that it was “absolutely” impossible that any allegation of misconduct levelled at Cardinal Pell could be true, as he was apparently never alone in the sacristy while robed.

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The priest added that he usually left the church with Cardinal Pell and would act as his driver for any afternoon engagements.

Telling though, Father Portelli admitted to the court that there had been a number of times when Cardinal Pell did not have any post-mass commitments and would leave the church alone.

Cardinal Pell maintains his innocence and has lodged an appeal against his conviction and sentence. There are credible claims from multiple people dating back to 1961 who allege they were also sexually abused by the convicted child rapist.

Cardinal Pell is the most senior Catholic churchman to be found guilty of child sexual abuse, with the Church’s hierarchy widely believed to have been involved in a decades-long, multiple-continent-spanning cover up of an elite paedophile ring operating at its highest levels.




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