Is ‘Middle Eastern crime’ really a myth? BAD Sydney to hear from voices that matter

CRIME CULTURE: Residents of Western Sydney have long got used to the epithet of ‘Middle Eastern crime’ being bleated equally aloud and all over the place by tabloid shock jocks and senior police alike. Ahead of this year’s BAD Sydney Festival, Therese Taylor speaks with one of its special guests – novelist Michael Mohammed Ahmad – about the realities of crime and ‘ethnicity’.


“YOU NEVER FORGET THE SMELL OF A DEAD BODY”! Veteran forensic cleaner exposes how fiction GLORIFIES her job, reveals she was once ATTACKED by MURDERER who came back to the scene

EXCLUSIVE: Forensic cleaner Lee Iordanidis loves what she does but believes that the media’s portrayal of her job is very different to the grisly reality. It’s a profession which has seen her attacked by a murderer, stabbed with a syringe, and having to clean up after a child’s suicide. Nour Ahmad reports.


RANGERS GREATS FAILED TO TELL POLICE ABOUT NEELY ABUSE! Walter Smith and Graeme Souness implicated in cover-up over paedophile “super scout” Gordon Neely

EXCLUSIVE: Scottish football icons, Walter Smith and Graeme Souness, are alleged to have purposely failed to alert police to paedophile “super scout”, Gordon Neely, after the legendary Rangers management team became aware of sexual abuse claims against their friend while they were all at the club. Neely would then go on to abuse more boys for at least another decade. Gary Johnston reports.


THE INTERSECTION OF ART AND GRIEF! One man’s non-fiction narrative of his brother’s outback murder

EXCLUSIVE: The grieving brother of WA outback murder victim, Raymond Kehlet, is speaking out following the state DPP’s decision not to prosecute the killing. Dave Kehlet tells Nour Ahmad how the disappointing investigation inspired him to create a literary newsletter and Facebook group where he conducts his own inquiry into what happened that fateful day.


TRUE OPINION: The Last We Heard of Depp?

The Johnny Depp / Amber Heard defamation trial has continued to grip millions of viewers internationally, and with the Virginia jury largely deciding in Depp’s favour, Maisy Rae explores why it’s hard to tune out the trial’s heavy costs.



LIVE REVIEW: The federal election campaign is ripe for satire with The Chaser dedicating a new live show to the foibles of politics. Irfan Yusuf, went along to the Enmore Theatre in Sydney’s inner-west hoping for a laugh, or two, or three.


RAMADAN OVER RACISM! An ode to Lakemba’s Night Market

CRIME CULTURE: Even until just a few years ago, the western Sydney suburb of Lakemba was regularly portrayed by the mainstream media as a no-go zone full of dangerous and violent ‘Lebos’. Crime Culture editor, Irfan Yusuf, pays a visit to the suburb that is now attracting thousands of people nightly with its ever growing annual Ramadan Night Market.


CRIME CULTURE: The Mother Wound

BOOK REVIEW: Amani Haydar’s surging, award-winning memoir, ‘The Mother Wound’, is a powerful symbol of hope and change but also a tragic reminder that family violence is an all-too-familiar tale that follows a similar pattern regardless of religion or culture, writes Irfan Yusuf.


CRIME CULTURE: On Making BAD Great! An Interview with Catherine du Peloux Menagé

INTERVIEW: Excitement is building as the BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival returns in under a week to the State Library of New South Wales between 2-5 December. From Rural Noir to Investigative Journalism to Cozy Crime to Indigenous perspectives on the criminal justice system, there will be plenty of diverse views and opinions from a star-studded guest list across crime fiction and true crime. The Festival’s artistic director, Catherine du Peloux Menagé, speaks to Therese Taylor for True Crime News Weekly about what audiences can expect.