THE “TWITTER MOB” IS TO BLAME FOR MY CORRUPTION! “Alleged rapist” Christian Porter resigns from Cabinet over so-called “blind trust” after True Crime expose

EXCLUSIVE: “Alleged rapist” politician, Christian Porter, is no longer a member of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Cabinet, being punted out of the ministry today after being unable to explain who donated at least $1 million to cover his legal fees in an ultimately doomed defamation battle against the ABC. But rather than reflecting on his own sleazy actions, the former Attorney-General has chosen to blame True Crime News Weekly and the “Twitter mob” for his demise. Serkan Ozturk reports.


“WE’LL SUE IF YOU TELL”! Small WA legal firm AUL Law behind mystery “blind trust” which “alleged rapist” Christian Porter says paid his legal fees

EXCLUSIVE: A small legal firm based in Christian Porter’s hometown of Perth is believed to be behind the mysterious trust which the “alleged rapist” politician has used as a supposed “blind trust” for others seemingly unbeknownst to him to pay for his million-dollar legal fees in his ultimately doomed defamation battle against the ABC.


“KERRY STOKES & CHANNEL 7 ARE HOPPING TO THROW ME IN JAIL OVER JOURNALISM”! Kangaroo Court’s Shane Dowling has arrest warrant issued after being sentenced to 10 months prison for contempt over stories he never wrote

EXCLUSIVE: Maverick anti-judicial corruption campaigner and investigative journalist, Shane Dowling, is apparently being summoned to the Big House once again by authorities seemingly hell-bent on siding with billionaire media barons like Channel 7’s Kerry Stokes in an attempt to ironically stifle public service journalism and a free media. Serkan Ozturk reports.


BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS! Young women & men in Western Sydney drop dead at home from Covid Crisis as Gulag Gladys Berejiklian covers up true hospital numbers with “health hotels”

EXCLUSIVE: More and more young women and men in Western Sydney are now literally dropping dead in their own homes from Covid because Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s failing NSW Government is deliberately trying to keep hospitalisation rates artificially lower than what they truly are by using so-called “health hotels”, with people being urged not to visit a hospital as the state’s health system simply now can’t cope with the growing crisis. Serkan Ozturk reports.


HABIB DEMANDS ANSWERS! Watch NSW Police Minister David Elliott admit Gulag Gladys “f*cked up” by not locking down Bondi in mid-June after confronted over “racist” & “tyrannical” Covid curfew for Western Sydney

EXCLUSIVE: Video has emerged of NSW Police Minister David Elliott admitting the NSW Government “f*cked up” by not locking down Bondi in mid-June before turning away in fear after realising he was being filmed by a man on the street who simply wanted answers about Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s “racist” and “tyrannical” curfew of Western Sydney as the state battles a worsening Covid Crisis.


ALLY GOES NEO-NAZI SPAZZY! Kids entertainer & former punk rocker Alice McNamara unmasked as racist whacko extremist Nazi who hates “Jews, n*ggers, Ch*nks & Indians” but loves “diversity”

EXCLUSIVE: She was thought to be a quirky kids entertainer and former punk rocker but Melbourne musician, Alice McNamara, has been unmasked as a hateful Neo-Nazi who despises Jews as well as “Chinks and Indians and niggers” when all the while still hypocritically using slogans such as “diversity” to drum up money for her children’s music business. Serkan Ozturk reports.


FINALLY HAD ENOUGH OF GULAG GLADYS! Dr Kerry Chant offers resignation after muzzling by Health Minister Brad ‘Bio’ Hazzard as Sydney records “worst day” of Covid Crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Dr Kerry Chant has offered her resignation as NSW’s chief health officer this week soon after she appeared in front of a state parliament inquiry where she was muzzled by a disgraceful performance by Health Minister Brad Hazzard from releasing the official written advice NSW Health gave to Premier Gladys Berejiklian in mid-June when community transmission of the highly contagious Delta strain of Covid first appeared in Sydney. Serkan Ozturk reports.