KENEALLY’S DIRTY LIBERAL LAUNDY! Sacked Labor adviser Pierce Field speaks out over text messages to billionaire Liberal pub bloke Craig Laundy that Senator Kristina Keneally fired him for as ScoMo’s right-hand man Yaron Finkelstein threatens to sue True Crime over allegations of ‘sexual inappropriateness’

EXCLUSIVE: It’s a political scandal crossing party lines rocking Canberra. Caught in between: a young, idealistic adviser sacked by Labor senator, Kristina Keneally, over a text message about a friend’s torrid relationship built on false notions with the former high-profile Liberal MP and billionaire pub baron, Craig Laundy. But the secret affair has now also sensationally led to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s right-hand man, Yaron Finkelstein, issuing threats of defamation against True Crime News Weekly for daring to report allegations of ‘sexual inappropriateness’ and this very story in the public interest. This investigation by Matilda Duncan.


‘FALL GUY’ FOLEY’S OFFICE MILLIONS! Vic Health Minister Martin Foley sells property for over $1 million its reserve to RoboDebt guy Rodney Kagan just weeks before Dan Andrews gives multi-million dollar Covid contract

EXCLUSIVE: The sale of an office premises belonging to Victoria’s Health Minister, Martin Foley, for more than $1 million over its reserve before a public auction to the big boss of a call centre who was coincidentally then handed a cushy $20 million-plus government contract just weeks later by Premier Dan Andrews’ state Labor government has raised all sorts of curious questions. Gary Johnston reports.


“I WAS MADE HOMELESS & FIXATED PERSONS UNIT FORCE-FED ME DRUGS FOR BLOWING WHISTLE ON MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COUNCIL CORRUPTION”! Shocking true case of Adam Greenwood’s battle with Bowral’s “Shady Bunch” protected by dodgy NSW Police cops & John Barilaro’s mates

EXCLUSIVE: The use of NSW Police’s controversial Fixated Persons Investigations Unit has been likened to a “proto-fascist squadron” and “political goon squad” with yet another horrifying story of how it has been used to prevent public knowledge of political and police corruption. This major investigation into how the ecosystem of corruption operates from the regions of NSW to Sydney and beyond is presented by Melanie Coutts and Serkan Ozturk.


SLUSH FUND THEY WANT YOU TO BE BLIND TO! “Alleged rapist” Christian Porter believed to have received help from billionaires, disgraced lawyers & even News Corp journalist Paul Kelly

EXCLUSIVE: A coterie of powerful billionaires, prominent News Corp journalists, and a disgraced lawyer who was once charged and then acquitted over his own wife’s murder, as well as conservative organisations closely linked to the Liberal Party are said to have helped and secretly donated to “alleged rapist” Christian Porter’s slush fund for his ultimately doomed defamation battle against the ABC. Tayla Foster and Serkan Ozturk with this major investigation.


ANOTHER FIX FOR NSW POLICE! Labor Senator Kristina Keneally’s cop son, Daniel Keneally, alleged to have fabricated evidence so Fixated Persons Unit could shove innocent man into solitary confinement for 3 weeks

EXCLUSIVE: A man who has launched a legal advocacy firm to fight on behalf of victims of police harassment and strip searches was set upon by NSW Police’s controversial Fixated Persons Unit and placed in solitary confinement for three weeks on trumped-up charges that were later dismissed after Constable Daniel Keneally, the police officer son of high-profile Labor senator Kristina Keneally, allegedly fabricated claims that he had received death threats. Serkan Ozturk reports.


BEREJIKLIAN’S BURDEN TO GET BIGGER … WAY BIGGER! ‘Gulag’ Gladys Berejiklian & John ‘Bruz’ Barilaro Go Before They’re Pushed Over Corruption Connections in NSW That Went on FOR YEARS Including Alleged Child Rape & Murder Cover-Ups AND a Repeat of the ‘Barnaby Joyce Scandal’

EXCLUSIVE: The state of NSW has experienced another major political implosion over the past few days. With its premier, Gladys Berejiklian, as well as deputy premier, John Barilaro, and high-profile minister, Andrew Constance, calling it quits before they were pushed over their close connection to separate corruption scandals involving dodgy questionable personal relationships and sly backroom deals, including on behalf of alleged child rapists and murderers, that have been raging on for years. Serkan Ozturk with all the wild details.


SCOMO SCARED THE MEDIA NOT TO TALK TO US! New Liberals come out swinging against corrupt LNP threats for Press Gallery to shut up

In yet a further example of the intertwined and unhealthy relationship between the corporate media and the Federal Government in Australia, goons from Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party have threatened members of Canberra’s Press Gallery to not provide media coverage of The New Liberals Party ahead of the upcoming federal election, writes the party’s leader Victor Kline.


DUMB DUMB DAILY TELE DOES IT AGAIN! All Chinese noodle shops must look alike as racist Daily Telegraph identifies wrong restaurant as Sydney’s “worst”

EXCLUSIVE: Widely loathed across Sydney and the entire nation for its sloppy journalism and equally racist worldview, the Daily Telegraph has managed to out-do its own stupidity once again, this time by falsely and wrongly depicting an innocent Chinese noodle restaurant as Sydney’s “worst” when it comes to food hygiene. Serkan Ozturk reports.


THE “TWITTER MOB” IS TO BLAME FOR MY CORRUPTION! “Alleged rapist” Christian Porter resigns from Cabinet over so-called “blind trust” after True Crime exposé

EXCLUSIVE: “Alleged rapist” politician, Christian Porter, is no longer a member of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Cabinet, being punted out of the ministry today after being unable to explain who donated at least $1 million to cover his legal fees in an ultimately doomed defamation battle against the ABC. But rather than reflecting on his own sleazy actions, the former Attorney-General has chosen to blame True Crime News Weekly and the “Twitter mob” for his demise. Serkan Ozturk reports.


“WE’LL SUE IF YOU TELL”! Small WA legal firm AUL Law behind mystery “blind trust” which “alleged rapist” Christian Porter says paid his legal fees

EXCLUSIVE: A small legal firm based in Christian Porter’s hometown of Perth is believed to be behind the mysterious trust which the “alleged rapist” politician has used as a supposed “blind trust” for others seemingly unbeknownst to him to pay for his million-dollar legal fees in his ultimately doomed defamation battle against the ABC.


“KERRY STOKES & CHANNEL 7 ARE HOPPING TO THROW ME IN JAIL OVER JOURNALISM”! Kangaroo Court’s Shane Dowling has arrest warrant issued after being sentenced to 10 months prison for contempt over stories he never wrote

EXCLUSIVE: Maverick anti-judicial corruption campaigner and investigative journalist, Shane Dowling, is apparently being summoned to the Big House once again by authorities seemingly hell-bent on siding with billionaire media barons like Channel 7’s Kerry Stokes in an attempt to ironically stifle public service journalism and a free media. Serkan Ozturk reports.


BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS! Young women & men in Western Sydney drop dead at home from Covid Crisis as Gulag Gladys Berejiklian covers up true hospital numbers with “health hotels”

EXCLUSIVE: More and more young women and men in Western Sydney are now literally dropping dead in their own homes from Covid because Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s failing NSW Government is deliberately trying to keep hospitalisation rates artificially lower than what they truly are by using so-called “health hotels”, with people being urged not to visit a hospital as the state’s health system simply now can’t cope with the growing crisis. Serkan Ozturk reports.