Anger as cop bashes motorist but court lets him go as he can’t ‘recall’ ruthless attack

A NSW Police officer who viciously beat up a defenseless motorist with “a kick, three punches and a stomp” following a pursuit near Newcastle has escaped all punishment after he successfully convinced a court that he had no memory of the incident and was acting like an ‘automaton’.

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WTF?! Queensland cop receives no conviction for pulling gun & assaulting couple

A Queensland police officer has escaped a conviction despite being found guilty of assault and deprivation of liberty after he pulled a gun on a couple driving on an outback highway over claims they were speeding.

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“I’ll knock you out, bro” – police officers threaten Melbourne Muslim man before brawl at McDonald’s drive-through

A Facebook live stream has captured troubling vision of Victoria Police officers threatening to bash a young Muslim man at a McDonald’s outlet in Melbourne, before swinging a punch at him and then capscisum-spraying his face while a number of officers were already piled on top of him.

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