TRUE OPINION: Are Semiconductor Chips the New Oil?

TRUE OPINION: The worth of semiconductor chips in the world economic supply chain was perhaps truly felt by the average person for the first time in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that spread across the world from late 2019. Jemma Nott takes a look at the commodity becoming scarcer and more valuable.



CRIME CULTURE: They haven’t played a gig in almost 20 years but that all changed last weekend when satirical alt-rockers TISM made a triumphant return to the stage. Longtime fan Kieran Butler was there for all the glorious chaos.


TRUE OPINION: The Last We Heard of Depp?

The Johnny Depp / Amber Heard defamation trial has continued to grip millions of viewers internationally, and with the Virginia jury largely deciding in Depp’s favour, Maisy Rae explores why it’s hard to tune out the trial’s heavy costs.